Working towards a

sustainable water future

The need to act is a given.

The challenge is knowing where to start.

Water is at the heart of what we do. We work with some of the most well-known organisations in the UK to support them on their water journey. From initial discovery all the way through to the end-goal of sustainable water management.

We utilise our experience and expertise to pioneer new ways of meeting the challenges around water. Led by actionable insight and an unrivalled understanding of customer’s needs, our team of trusted market specialists add value at every step of the journey to ensure water stewardship excellence is achieved.

Your journey to sustainable water management


Before embarking on your journey, it’s essential that we fully explore your organisation’s current water situation so that we can precisely plan the right water journey for you.

Insights into your current situation empowers us to create a viable, comprehensive plan for water stewardship excellence on your behalf.


Building on our initial discovery work, now we can delve into the detail of your water usage and spend, create baseline data sets, review industry benchmarks, and identify potential problems to address.

The insight gained at this stage will immediately highlight areas of focus, guiding us towards the interventions that will have the most impact for your business, and for the environment.


With all the insight we need, we can now take charge of your water consumption and cost, tackle wastage and ensure that the water market is working for you.

Unlike other utilities, water requires constant management. Leaky taps and meter failures can occur at any time at any site. However, instances like this needn’t derail progress towards water efficiency – they are easily resolved if spotted quickly.


Having taken control over your water management, it’s time to focus on the longer-term opportunities that will have opened up beyond your business boundaries.

Whether you’re striving for water neutrality as a business, looking to safeguard supply chains through collaboration, embrace catchment management or share insight and experience with sector peers, Waterscan’s experts help you get to where you aspire to be.

Sustainable water management

With the foundations of your water journey in place, we will support you in either establishing your long-term strategy or achieving your sustainability goals, whilst protecting your business against water-related climate impacts.

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