Trade effluent

Manage trade effluent responsibly

Trade effluent is one of the most complex areas of water to manage. There are several ways to set up in the market and multiple potential risks and environmental impacts associated with mismanagement. 

This is an important area of water that you can’t afford to get wrong. Benefit from our experience, expertise and relationships with wholesalers to remain compliant, reduce costs and achieve the best outcomes for your business. 

How we can help

Legal compliance

Peace of mind that your business is compliant with regulations on the storage and discharge of trade effluent. Our support covers consent applications and challenges, managing a risk or breach, and reviewing site processes and chargeable strengths.

Impact management

With detailed knowledge of treatment systems, we ensure that you’re best placed to manage and mitigate risks to the environment and to your regional water network.

Cost efficiency

With a variety of potential trade effluent arrangements available, we analyse your current situation and billing to ensure that you have the best option in the market for your specific sites.

Delivering your water priorities

Risk management

Mitigation of environmental and
reputational risks.


Compliance with regulation and
stakeholder expectations.

Environmental responsibility

Wholesaler collaboration to safeguard local communities and environments.


Benefit from the best and most appropriate market approach. 

What we’ve helped clients achieve

£1.17m in refunds

Across a three-year period, we obtained 50 refunds relating to trade effluent totalling £1.17 million.

Savings of £67,000

One market correction of a trade effluent tariff achieved a refund of £220,000 and an ongoing saving of £67,000.

Dispute resolution

Successes resulting in more accurate charges and an improved method of calculation.

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Trade effluent tailored to you

Minimise risk and maximise opportunities, by talking with our trade effluent experts.