Data insight and management

Access meaningful insight for positive outcomes

Accurate and accessible data is the first step towards meaningful action on water stewardship. This is where you will determine whether your water use and management is appropriate for your size and sector.

Tap into our expertise and tools to establish a robust baseline from which effective strategic plans can be built and achievement of water management goals measured. Our specialist customer insight, data sets, site audit processes and analytics platform, Waterline, deliver unrivalled clarity to understand and manage your water consumption and trade effluent efficiently and responsibly. 

How we can help

Optimised data

 A cleansed data set presenting detailed visibility of your current water consumption and charges with any liabilities or issues needing attention, identified.

Best practice

Ensure you’re doing everything you need to do for regulatory compliance and guide you towards best commercial and environmental practice. 


An accurate baseline on which to benchmark, track progress against goals and the transparency needed to publish and report on ESG targets. 

Delivering your water priorities


Cleansed, accurate, accessible data for decision making and issue rectification.


Complete visibility of water charges and confidence in their accuracy. 


Opportunities identified to save water, cost and administration resources.


Peace of mind regarding legislative compliance and a confident approach to corporate ESG. 

What we’ve helped clients achieve

Identify consumption anomalies and variance against best practice benchmarks requiring action.

Access to near real time data, delivering confidence in analysis and insight to enable effective decision-making.

Resolution of supplier liabilities, reducing the financial impact against full liability.

Optimise cost and process in trade effluent compliance.

Want to know more?

We help organisations get granular with their water usage data which supports efficient and effective management of this key resource.