Water consulting

Making water stewardship good for business

Our water consultancy services help clients to identify and mitigate water risks, maximise on water opportunities, and increase transparency to stakeholders. Implementing best practice on water simultaneously minimises environmental impact and delivers commercial benefits.

From operational contracts through to consulting services, our end-to-end solutions integrate seamlessly to support the delivery of your strategic water goals. The unique insight gained from managing the data and delivering efficiencies underpins your bespoke sustainability strategy, giving you clarity, control, and direction.

How we can help

Water stewardship

By following a strategy to mitigate current environmental water impacts and providing guidance on stakeholder inclusivity and catchment-based actions, we support your progress towards using water in a socially equitable, environmentally sustainable, and economically beneficial way.


Assessing both direct consumption and supply chain risks, our team focuses on providing the insight that enables you to implement a long-term water strategy, designed to safeguard your operations, improve your reputation, and grow your business.

Reporting and disclosure

Sustainability credentials are playing a growing role in the choices made by investors and consumers. Gain the confidence to communicate transparently on environmental issues and realise reputational benefits with key stakeholders, including employees, local communities, investors, and regulators.

Data insight and management

Accurate and accessible data is the first step towards meaningful action on water stewardship. Using the data from our operational services to feed into our strategy work, we pinpoint ways for you to take meaningful steps towards identifying and addressing water-related risks.

Delivering your water priorities


Through actively reducing consumption whilst developing and applying strategic initiatives.

Reduced risk

Confidently navigate commercial and environmental challenges around water management.


Sharing your experiences, insight, and successes to influence others in the pursuit of a water-secure future for all.

Sustainable growth

A considered approach to national development and revenue growth, giving thought to local catchments.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

Reduced consumption

In 2023, we helped our clients to save almost 1.5 billion litres of water.

Water neutral operations

Utilising reduction strategies, reuse technologies and offsetting in the local community to achieve zero impact on catchment water use.

Reaching the ‘A list’

Improvements in water scarcity disclosure scores, consistently above B and reaching the ‘A list’.

Explore our water consultancy services

Whether you need a water policy, support with disclosure, data management or delivery of a water strategy, we have the expertise to make water stewardship work for you.