Providing businesses complete control over water

A proactive approach to water management in the English market, Self-Supply is the enabler for enhanced efficiency, stewardship and resilience in regards your water situation.

Self-Supply provides you with complete control of water consumption and a greater cost saving by dealing directly with wholesalers. It delivers an enhanced service above that of national retailers, total accuracy in billing, and the opportunity to influence the market. 

How we can help


With actionable insight, data accuracy and optimised cost and consumption, you are able to build a robust, tailored and evidence-based water strategy for future resilience and enhanced environmental performance.


Uniquely, the transparency of direct access to market data, combined with our extensive water management experience, creates real efficiencies to drive down consumption, achieve corporate social responsibility goals, and unearth further opportunities for investment in sustainability initiatives.

Complete control

You will have total ownership of delivering your water requirements, reducing the complexity often experienced with water procurement alternatives. We will represent you in the market, acting as a managing agent to complete transactions, ensure licence compliance and deliver all the services a retailer would and more.

Delivering your water priorities

Environmental leadership

Protecting water resources and building business resilience.


Direct relationships with wholesalers for quicker issue rectification and more effective water management.

Operational efficiency

Superior insight to drive strategic decisions, plus identify and resolve issues quickly to better manage consumption.


 Reduced direct costs and administrative savings, plus enhanced service delivery to drive efficiencies.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

Cost savings of £1m

In the first 18 months for one Self-Supply customer.

Water reduction of 13%

Unrivalled water efficiency – total combined Self-Supply water consumption reduction of 13%.

0.61% Unread meters

Improved data accuracy by reducing the number of unread meters, across a portfolio of 3,400 meters, down to 0.61% from 25%.

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