Water matters: Insights for the UK’s pub and restaurant sector

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Do you consider water a risk to your business?

How long could your pub or restaurant operate without water? 

The chances are, you’ve got about 10 minutes before your customers stop getting served. Give it a day and you’re in crisis management mode. Within a week, customer confidence and financial targets are impacted, and corporate reputation is at stake.

Water is a critical asset for pubs, restaurants and breweries.

In roughly twenty years from now, water demand, which is rising due to population growth and urban development, is predicted to exceed water availability, which is declining due to climate change, pollution and aging networks causing leakage.

In ten minutes, you’ll discover…

  • Why water is the invisible risk in your business.
  • How some companies in your sector are managing this risk, including Greene King and Marston’s.
  • What you can do to start your journey to water sustainability.

It’s time to make water work for you. Download the report below to learn how you can get proactive on water today, mitigate your water risk and secure the future success of your business.

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