Efficiency and optimisation

Optimise your water supply and management

Data, insight, and expertise are at the core of our service. Reducing water consumption and cost is the basic foundation of good water management.

We use a range of tools and technologies to equip you to effectively manage your water usage and waste, in line with your individual goals and circumstances. Our team of expert technicians, analysts and thought leaders are here to support, regardless of your business priority or individual challenges. 

How we can help

Improving efficiency

We’ll draw on our industry knowledge to implement your plan for you. Whether it’s through addressing leaks, profiling and benchmarking site performance, utilising new metering technology or simply boosting your meter reads to validate billing accuracy. Either way, you’ll be on the path to reducing your water cost and consumption. 

Cost optimisation

Following our initial assessment of your direct water costs, we’ll help you achieve best value from the water market. Both in terms of procuring water and through ongoing analysis, tariff checks and delivery against service level agreements.  You’ll also be confident that you’re not wasting money by paying for wasted water. 

Actionable insight

Through our bespoke suite of management and operational reports and 24/7 access to our cloud-based analytics platform, Waterline, you’ll have unrivalled access to your water data and the insight you need to take action. It means you’ll be able to spot any potential problems fast, rectify them, and be confident that you remain compliant with regulatory and environmental requirements. 

Delivering your water priorities

Resource optimisation

 Reduced billing administration and reliable expert support on hand.


 Access to accurate data, developed into insight for strategic decision making.

Operational efficiency

 Measured and managed consumption, issues identified and resolved.


 Reduced costs, accruals, and informed planning.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

A 50% reduction

In water consumption against baseline, delivering a key strategic water target.

£2.7m of refunds

And £3.7m in ongoing savings for customers in 2022.

99.8% Market performance

Enhanced service delivery to drive efficiencies, we operate at 99.8% market performance score.

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Optimise your water usage

Take advantage of our proven cost and consumption savings track record, it’s the basics of what we do.