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Achieving best value through efficient water management

Security of water supply is critical for the continuity of public sector services. The risks of flooding and supply interruptions are significant, and their impacts experienced immediately across all frontline services, healthcare and education.

Furthermore, the need for efficiency and maximising public resources, whilst meeting community expectations around social, economic and environmental performance, is an ongoing challenge for all public sector organisations.

How we can help


Every day, the UK delivers 16.6 billion litres of high-quality water for public water supply. With demand increasing year on year, it’s becoming even more critical to achieve and maintain a position of sustainable water management.


Public Sector expenditure on water supplies was £970 million in the financial year 2022. Excessive wastage and billing inaccuracies compound the pressure to cut spending and improve service provision. Water insight and control is one way to get back on track.

Complete control

By taking control of your water, you are reducing risks to the health and wellbeing of your communities and enhancing work towards your climate agenda goal. You will also be confident that you are realising best value from your water procurement and improving your strategic planning capability.

Common issues

Leaky taps and pipes waste 3,031 million litres of water in the UK every day. That’s 1,212 Olympic-sized swimming pools that we’re wasting unnecessarily.

A common issue our customers face is incorrect billing, which is costing companies substantially more financially. In 2022, we validated 46,550 of our customer’s bills, and of these we queried 688, which resulted in a total of £708,268 in refunds.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

Significant improvements in the way they utilise water, thanks to our tailored strategy and ongoing support in water management.

Saved £150k+

In the first 3 years of Blackpool Council holding their Self-Supply licence, it has saved more than £150,000.

A perfect score

Sefton Council is helping to put public sector water needs and perspectives on the water market agenda. Utilising its Self-Supply licence, It has topped market performance tables in 2022 with a perfect score of 100%.

1,179,921m³ saved

In 2022, we saved our customers a total of 1,179,921 m³ of water. This consumption reduction has a big impact on the local environment and its communities.

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Water matters: Insights for the UK’s universities sector

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Water matters: Insights for the UK’s public sector

Water matters: Insights for the UK’s public sector

How long could your frontline services continue to operate without water? The chances are, you’ve got about 10 minutes before vulnerable members of society are put at risk.

Sefton Council’s Water Journey

Sefton Council’s Water Journey

An Interview with Cllr Paulette Lappin, cabinet member – regulatory, compliance and corporate services & Jon Williams, environmental management (utilities) officer.

Mitigating water risks for the public sector

Mitigating water risks for the public sector

On 22nd September 2021, Waterscan hosted an online meeting of public sector utility and sustainability professionals on mitigating risk and maximising control through water.

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