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Building a more efficient and resilient water future

It is no surprise that the manufacturing sector processes a lot of water in comparison to other industries. Therefore, it is essential that you are given the support and insight you need to keep production lines and supply chains flowing while minimising environmental impacts.

Without water, manufacturing operations grind to a halt very quickly, either temporarily due to a supply interruption, leak or flood, or perhaps even permanently as a result of longer-term environmental or regulatory pressures.

How we can help

Financial control

In the 2022-23 charging year there were over 90 trade effluent tariff codes in the market. This complexity and lack of direct wholesaler relationship can lead to a loss of control on trade effluent charges, we can help you regain that control and certainty over charges.


Trade effluent charges vary greatly from £0.25/m3 to £3.80. We make sure your charges accurately represent what you should be paying based on the actual effluent being discharged. Avoiding significant incorrect charges and impacts on profitability.


Understanding your water consumption and effluent, through good quality data, improves your businesses efficiency and resilience whilst accelerating your progress to net zero. It helps you to understand the risks and opportunities, which will safeguard your plant and logistics operations in the long-term.

Common issues

A common issue our customers face is incorrect billing, which is costing companies substantially more financially. In 2022, we validated 46,550 of our customer’s bills, and of these we queried 688.

Trade effluent is a complex and highly variable area of water management affecting the manufacturing sector. A range of factors from applying for consents, market set up, validating costs, reporting breaches and requesting temporary discharge consents make this a challenging aspect of water to control.

Supply consistency and quality is a key concern, one which the manufacturer has historically managed directly with their local wholesaler. In the new market, manufacturers are one step removed from wholesalers leading to a lack of information around potential supply interruptions and water quality issues.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

Significant improvements in the way they utilise water, thanks to our tailored strategy and ongoing support in water management.

65m3 of water per day

Leak repair and refund which saved circa 65m3 of water per day and received a leak rebate of £33,000, which we identified from analysis of AMR data.

£170,000 per annum

Circa £335,000 in refunds and savings from various investigations, and circa £170,000 per annum in net savings from accessing wholesale rates.

A centralised view

Ability to monitor trade effluent performance more closely through a centralised view of compliance and implementation of requirements internally.

Customer testimonials

Whilst all of our sites have some form of water reclaim system in place, we’re keen to have an even closer understanding of our usage profiles through flow data so that site level efficiency can be improved even further. We believe that the deployment of AMR across our estate, being able to represent industrials in the open water market and the additional expertise that Waterscan brings, will enable us to drive further cost and consumption controls throughout our operations.


Latest industrial manufacturing insights

Water matters: Insights for the manufacturing sector

Water matters: Insights for the manufacturing sector

At this tipping point, when water scarcity impacts our daily lives, it will be too late, far too late; especially for manufacturers, who rely on secure, consistent water supplies and effective, compliant effluent management to function.

Ofwat demonstrates support for Self-Supply with three more licences

Ofwat demonstrates support for Self-Supply with three more licences

Three more forward-thinking companies have been granted Self-Supply licences for water and sewerage services, bringing the number of organisations taking this revolutionary route to eight since the market opened just eighteen months ago.

Elis partners with Waterscan

Elis partners with Waterscan

Global textile, hygiene and facility services giant Elis (formerly Berendsen) has applied to Self-Supply water and wastewater services for its 32 sites across England in support of its work to enhance site level water efficiency.

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