Water strategy

Preserve water supplies for the

Our team focuses on providing the insight that enables you to implement a long-term water strategy, designed to safeguard your operations, improve your reputation, and grow your business.

How we can help

Water strategy

A bespoke report, reviewing the ways your business sources and uses water. This can assess both direct consumption and your supply chain and includes a roadmap of actions that will enable you to achieve leadership in your sector and maximise value to the organisation.

Water policy

A short statement, unique to your business, that demonstrates your commitment to achieving sustainable water management (water stewardship and security).

This can be shared internally and externally with investors, shareholders, customers and employees.

Water impact assessment

Quantifying your water withdrawals and discharge to establish an accurate overall consumption picture for your business, broken down by region and site type.

This includes recommendations for next steps that will mitigate the risks you face and maximise on available opportunities. A rigorous assessment of current and future water supply, demand, accessibility and use.

Water efficiency and risk reports

Helping you to understand the opportunities for optimising water consumption and creating a list of initiatives in order of priority, with data-driven return on investment calculations to support, so you can take a best-in-class approach to upgrading your portfolio.

Understanding location-based risks, regulatory risks and reputational risks through our comprehensive, visually enhanced reports will enable you to improve decision-making.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

Water neutral operations

Utilising reduction strategies, reuse technologies and offsetting in the local community to achieve zero impact on catchment water use.

Strategic risk mitigation

Reviewing of local areas water situation to inform development plans, strategically placing new premises in areas with more resilient water levels.

National recognition

Being included on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Water Security ‘A list’.

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