Sainsbury’s awards Waterscan as Strategic Partner for Sustainability

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In recognition of the proactive, expert support that it provides, Waterscan has been awarded the accolade of Sainsbury’s Strategic Partner for Sustainability.

This was one of just six awards presented during Sainsbury’s Strategic Partner Conference and Awards 2023 event. Waterscan was selected from more than 200 supply partners that work across Sainsbury’s diverse property and facilities management estate.

Introducing the award, Sainsbury’s Director of Procurement, Suzanne Kirk, highlighted how the Waterscan team has supported the retailer’s work on water stewardship. This has encompassed moving to Self-Supply procurement, innovative approaches to cutting leakage, reducing consumption across its property portfolio, and the creation of a strategic framework.

Security of water supply impacts every aspect of Sainsbury’s business. That is why it has committed to achieving water neutral operations by 2040, understanding that acting on water efficiency will accelerate progress towards net zero too. It is taking a strategic approach to water management within its own operations across the UK with principles that could be applied throughout its global supply chain.

Neil Pendle, Managing Director, and Jessica Wyatt, Account Director, were thrilled to receive this acknowledgement on behalf of the whole Waterscan team.

“We thank Sainsbury’s for the recognition that they have afforded us with this award. Today’s partner conference was focused on partnership and innovation, both of which Sainsbury’s demonstrates a significant appetite for in its work on sustainability and efficiency. This approach mirrors our own, which is why we have been proud to partner with Sainsbury’s for over 14 years. During this time we have devised and delivered significant achievements in the effective management of water, wastewater and trade effluent, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in an uncompromising effort to protect our most critical natural resource.”

Neil Pendle, Managing Director

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