Your water journey

The business-critical resource often taken for granted

Escalating demand for water, an increasingly volatile climate, and ageing water network assets are leading to unprecedented levels of supply interruptions and flooding. This impacts us all, and is putting business resilience to the test like never before. 

To safeguard business continuity, we must safeguard water. We must all understand that water represents a business risk that must be managed carefully. Not working on water stewardship is no longer an option.

Opportunities await

10 things you could achieve through sound water stewardship.

Control over a business-critical resource.

Actionable data for insight and strategic growth planning.

Security of water supply and long-term operational resilience.

Cost savings: direct and through administrative efficiency.

Business continuity and revenue protection through fewer unplanned events.

Compliance with increasing and anticipated regulatory demands.

Enhanced environmental, social and corporate governance through water disclosure.

Faster progress towards net zero by reducing the carbon impacts of water.

Scope for continual improvement and a leadership position.

Water market influence.

Achieve sustainable water management together

The ultimate goal is to achieve and maintain a water-resilient business. Not everyone’s journey will be the same and their starting points will vary. 

Where you begin your journey will depend on how far you’ve come, the unique nature of your business and the specific challenges you face. 

This is why we take a fluid, bespoke approach to ensure that our support is perfectly matched to your specific needs with results-based impacts. 


Here’s where we explore your current situation, making sure that we thoroughly understand your ambitions, priorities, stakeholder needs and operational challenges to plan the right water journey for you. 


To reveal your water risks and opportunities, we delve into the detail of your water consumption and spend, create baseline data sets, review industry benchmarks, and identify potential problems to address.

Gain control

Based on actionable insight, we start to make a difference by engaging stakeholders, achieving efficiencies, tackling wastage, ensuring compliance, and reporting for measurable outcomes and continual improvement.

Effective leadership

Focusing on the long-term opportunities, we consider future risk mitigation, opportunities for collaboration and innovation, get transparent with disclosure and influence the future of the water market with confidence. 

Sustainable water management

Achieving the journey milestones and reaching a state of sustainable water management is not the end point. It’s acknowledgement that all of your current impacts on the water environment have been considered and that you are following a strategy to mitigate those impacts. The journey doesn’t end, data driven continual improvement with water stewardship in mind is the real meaning.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

1 billion litres

Consumption savings in a calendar year

Over £30 million

Indirect customer savings since water market opening

13% reduction

In water consumption for a Self-Supply customer in one year

Ready to get started?

Wherever you are in your journey, we can offer advice, guidance and support with water – and detail how your business stands to gain from working with Waterscan.