Reporting and disclosure

Showcase your positive
environmental impacts

Sustainability credentials are playing a growing role in the choices made by investors and consumers and there is an increasingly positive correlation between strong ESG performance and access to capital.

Public disclosure gives investors, shareholders, customers and employees confidence that you are addressing material issues around sustainability.

The demand for greater transparency is increasingly becoming the norm in the corporate world. Businesses are learning to use reporting and disclosure to create value and opportunities, going beyond a sole focus on risk mitigation.

How we can help

Annual reporting

A review of the year that describes your water journey accurately and effectively.

Gap analysis

A detailed review of your company-specific data, cross-referenced against the latest criteria released by ratings bodies.

It identifies areas to focus on and provides recommendations to improve sustainable water management and to strengthen future disclosures.

Disclosure support and completion

Services include assisting with a specific area of a water disclosure, reviewing and improving draft responses, and completing a full disclosure on behalf of your company.

In alignment with

Major ratings bodies

Such as CDP, EcoVadis, S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment and Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

Standards and frameworks

Such as TCFD, TNFD, SASB and GRI.

Waterscan is CDP’s only Accredited Solutions Provider (ASP) for ‘Water Strategy’ in the UK

As CDP’s only ASP for ‘Water Strategy’ in the UK, we provide CDP disclosure and corporate reporting services for Water Security and Plastics questionnaires.

Consulting services are tailored to our clients’ needs, ranging from gap analysis in advance of submitting a first response to draft submission review and optimisation for repeat disclosures.

CDP was ranked as the leading rating company by
SustainAbility’s 2023 ‘Rate the Raters’ report.

Public companies worth almost 61 trillion USD, which is 45% of global market capitalisation, used CDP to disclose their environmental data in 2022.

CDP Accredited Provider 2024 - Water Consultancy. Water Disclosure.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

Reaching the ‘A list’

Improvements in water scarcity disclosure scores, consistently above B and reaching the ‘A list’.

Clear strategic direction

And identify areas to focus improvements.

Visibility on water

All encompassing approach with clear
visibility on all aspects of water.

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