Boots to Self-Supply water

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Boots has been granted a Water and Sewerage Self-Supply licence (WSSL) by industry regulator, Ofwat.

With 2,200 stores across the UK, Boots has partnered with Waterscan to facilitate the licence application and to manage the transition to Self-Supply.

A Self-Supply licence enables companies and organisations that use significant amounts of water in their operations to have visibility of their consumption risks and opportunities; the ability to pay wholesale prices (saving the retail margin applied by water suppliers); and to influence the development of the water market through the Self-Supply Users Forum – a unique peer group community which works to advance best practice when it comes to water.

Growing numbers of leading UK companies are recognising the critical role that good water stewardship plays in achieving resilience and sustainability. 

In partnering with Waterscan, Boots joins a number of other nationally recognised brands, including Sainsbury’s, John Lewis Partnership, Whitbread, Greene King and BT.

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