About us

A driving force for customers in the UK water market

We are focused on water in the context of the wider sustainability agenda. Through market expertise and understanding our customer needs, we consider the big picture as well as the details to create holistic approaches to sustainable water management that deliver business resilience and environmental leadership. 

Our customers trust us to work innovatively, responsibly and collaboratively to guide them to achieving better outcomes at every stage of their journey. These customers span multiple sectors including retail, industrial manufacturing, food and drink manufacturing, hospitality and leisure, transport and logistics, business services and the public sector organisations. We have an enviable blue-chip customer portfolio; an expert, high calibre team; strong strategic partnerships; and highly valued engagement across the water industry.

Our vision

Our vision is to be recognised as the driving force in the UK water market for creating efficient and effective approaches to sustainable water management that improves customer resilience and protects the most critical resource for future generations.

Our values


We are not afraid to challenge inefficiency and to innovate in pursuit of our vision.


We are unwavering in our efforts to preserve good clean water for the benefit of all.


We are informed experts, driven by specialist knowledge built over decades and supported by unrivalled data insight.


We are approachable for information, honest in our delivery and accountable for decisions we take.


We are respectful to each other, our stakeholders and to the natural environment.

Established in 1994, Waterscan set out to change the way businesses think about water.

Along the way we’ve had some significant milestones:

  • 1999 Achieved £1M in annual client savings for the first time
  • 2001 Achieved 1M m3 in annual water consumption savings for the first time
  • 2003 Biggest ever leak of 419 litres per minute detected and fixed, saving over £450,000 
  • 2013 Helped Sainsbury’s achieve 50% relative reduction in water consumption
  • 2017 Pioneered Self-Supply market approach
  • 2019 567,000,000 litres in water efficiency savings
  • 2021 £20M in savings made since market opening in 2017
  • 2022 15 years of working with Whitbread

While our focus on water has remained constant, the deregulation of the water market across England in 2017 enabled us to build on our specialism and accelerate water efficiency for customers. By pioneering the Self-Supply model, we’ve helped numerous conscientious organisations make significant progress towards their commercial and water-related sustainability goals.

Our heritage, specialist knowledge and data platforms, our agility to anticipate and adapt to market changes, our unrelenting customer focus and an increased global awareness of environmental matters all place Waterscan in a unique position to move forward with confidence.


We work hard to keep customers informed about market changes and new opportunities and we do so by collaborating across the water market. Many of our key personnel hold positions on panels and committees to inform the market on behalf of our customers to support and help deliver the market’s strategic goals.


Governance and compliance

Since market deregulation in 2017, Waterscan has held a Water and Sewerage Services Licence (WSSL) which allows us to participate in the water market providing services to eligible non-household customers. As such, we ensure we’re fully compliant with the Market Codes, rules and regulations that govern our industry and the requirements for holding a WSSL.

Business customer code of practice

Ofwat has set out rules on how all retailers, or retailers represented by a third party, must treat customers to protect them in the market, Ofwat Business Customer Code of Practice.

With water under control,
it’s time to make things happen.

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