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Creating a sustainable water future

Using less water, lowering water bills and being more socially responsible are some of the key benefits commercial water users experience by adopting Waterscan’s strategic and comprehensive approach to water management. Developing such an approach helps safeguard an organisation’s sustainable water future by addressing potential risks and setting reduction targets

Our solutions support large and small organisations across a range of industries and require minimal investment risk or resource input. Our expertise is in identifying water saving opportunities and, by utilising unrivalled technologies, improving water efficiency, reducing cost and demonstrating environmental credentials for our clients.

Working together as partners, Waterscan provides you with the confidence that your portfolio will pay minimal water charges both now and in the future and ensures your business is acting positively in creating a sustainable water future.




Waterscan ensures our efforts are focussed on delivering consistent, high quality products and services to customers every time in an environmentally responsible way.

Benefits of working with Waterscan

  • Improve CSR

    Recognition for protecting a precious natural resource

  • Reduce Water Usage

    Identify and address behavioural and process inefficiencies

  • Lower Costs

    Reduce consumption and maximise saving opportunities

  • Reduce Risk

    Protect against operational, financial, reputational and regulatory risk

Our goal is to provide a resolution to our clients’ problems no matter how big or small or to push the boundaries of their sustainable water management. From fixing an external leak that cannot be located or empowering water purchasing decisions in a deregulated marketplace to writing and delivering a full water strategy: our comprehensive range of strategic solutions is quite unrivalled.

We offer practical and technical water management solutions with full client visibility of all the works we undertake. Our unique Waterline© system is unparalleled within the industry giving clients data at their fingertips. Operational water footprinting, budget and performance against target reports are all available at the touch of a button.

  • Footprint Awards 2021

    Drinks Sustainability Award Winner 2021

  • Waste 2 Zero 2018

    Best Product, Technology & Innovation Award 2018

  • Footprint Awards 2018

    Economic Sustainability Award Winner 2018

  • Energy Awards 2016

    Winner 2016 - ‘Innovation of the Year – Technology: Physical Product’

  • Footprint Awards 2016

    Winner 2016 - ‘Economic Sustainability Award’ with Greene King

  • Energy Awards 2015

    Winner 2015 - 'Water Efficient Project of the Year' with Greene King

  • Sustainability Leaders Awards 2014

    Winner 2014 - 'Water Management' with the Whitbread Group

  • Energy Awards 2014

    Winner 2014 - 'Water Efficient Project of the Year' with the Whitbread Group

  • Energy Awards 2013

    Winner 2013 - 'Energy Efficiency through Water Management' with Sainsbury's Supermarkets

Living Wage logo


Waterscan is an accredited Living Wage Employer and is proud that all of our employees are paid fairly for their hard work. The real Living Wage is higher than the government’s minimum, or National Living Wage, and is an independently calculated hourly rate of pay that is based on the actual cost of living.


Governance and Compliance

Since market deregulation in 2017, Waterscan has held a Water and Sewerage Services Licence (WSSL) which allows it to participate in the water market providing services to eligible non-household customers. Waterscan pioneered the Self-Supply model helping numerous conscientious organisations make significant progress towards their commercial and water related sustainability goals. For those customers for whom Self-Supply is not viable, Waterscan offer alternative services which still retain water efficiency, cost management and excellent customer service at their heart. 

At Waterscan, we take our role in the market extremely seriously and work hard to keep customers informed about market changes and new opportunities, encouraging collaboration wherever possible. We engage across the wider market, with key personnel holding positions on Panel and Committees, to support and help deliver the markets strategic goals.

Our licence enables us to be part of this market and provide innovative services that meet customers’ needs. As such, we ensure we’re fully compliant with the Market Codes, rules and regulations that govern our industry and the requirements for holding a WSSL.


Business Customer Code of Practice

Ofwat has set out rules on how all retailers, or retailers represented by a third party, must treat customers to protect them in the market Ofwat Business Customer Code of Practice