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Waterscan is pleased to announce the line-up of its highly qualified Sustainability Team delivering a fully comprehensive suite of water consulting services within the UK water market.

Our water consultancy services, Water Strategy and Reporting and Disclosure, are designed to identify and mitigate water risks, maximise on water opportunities and increase transparency to stakeholders. Services include strategic reports, target creation, water impact assessments, water efficiency and risk reports, disclosure gap analysis, and support with ESG reporting.

Head of Sustainability: Rebecca Gale

Rebecca embarked on an internship with Waterscan straight from completing her Master’s in Environmental Consultancy. Following on from her thesis project developing a water footprint calculator for the highways maintenance industry, alongside Mott MacDonald, Rebecca continued, at Waterscan, to help some of Britain’s biggest companies to navigate commercial and environmental challenges around water management. More than a decade on, Rebecca is delighted to be offering her extensive customer insight and experience to more UK businesses, leading this new team.

She says, “I have been privileged to have collaborated on a number of groundbreaking initiatives during my time here, such as developing the water neutral framework for, the now fully embedded, Sainsbury’s strategy back in 2013 and assisting Whitbread with its recently announced water reduction strategy. Understanding our customers, knowing what they can achieve, visualising the outputs, and creating the roadmaps to get them there has been key to creating excellent customer outcomes so far. I’m looking forward to working with my new team to drive further, faster progress on water stewardship for more organisations.”

Account Director: Jessica Wyatt

Jessica studied Geography at the University of Leeds. She spent a year in
industry whilst at University in the Co-operative Group Energy &
Environment team. She focused on environmental and engineering projects – including the design and construction of 1 Angel Square – as well as other sustainability initiatives (waste management, green travel and water efficiency). She also has experience at Ofgem working on energy efficiency.

Jessica has been in the Account Management team at Waterscan for
the last 9 years. She has worked with multiple businesses to support their
water strategies, driving down consumption and reducing environmental impacts.

She says, “My key sustainability project work has been to support Sainsbury’s on their water strategy. This involved the production of a report reviewing the importance of water to Sainsbury’s and establishing some key principles for water management to apply to its own UK operations as well as its supply chain. The project gave significant insight into operational water use (both direct and for tier 1 suppliers). The final report included a review of legislation, governance, linkages to net zero, and water neutrality. It also established a framework, covering data, analysis, optimisation and collaboration, culminating in 25 commitments.”

Operations Director: Barry Millar

Barry is a Chartered Scientist with over 20 years of experience in the water industry. He began his career with Ecolochem, which is now part of Suez, providing water treatment solutions to both high purity process water and effluent, in industries as diverse as power generation, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and leisure.

Since 2015, he has been the Operations Director at Waterscan. Barry is responsible for the delivery of innovative, customer-specific water management systems and models. These range from overseeing comprehensive audits and water re-use options to installing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and supporting customers to Self-Supply water in the English water retail market. Barry has expertise on available technologies, sampling, dosing, monitoring systems, and how to deploy these on sites for maximum impact. He is especially adept at holistic solutions for businesses with complex sites, requiring multiple inputs to achieve their goals.

“I have always been passionate about helping companies to integrate improved approaches to sustainable water management into wider environmental strategies and net zero campaigns.”

Sustainability Research Lead: Eleanor Pendle

Fresh from completing her Master’s in Nature, Society, and Environmental Governance at Oxford University, Eleanor began her career at Waterscan in the Market Development team before beginning her new role in the Sustainability Team.

She says, “The interconnectivity of sustainability challenges is clear and this has given me a growing conviction that businesses must play a key role if we are to make progress on important issues, like water security and stewardship. Water is a fundamental – if often overlooked and undervalued – resource that is paramount to society, the environment, and the economy, so it is increasingly untenable for stakeholders across both private and public sectors to be stagnant on water.”

“I am glad to be part of an organisation that enables and galvanises water action with our business partners. The highlight of my time at Waterscan so far was attending and reporting back from World Water Week in Stockholm in the summer of 2023. I connected with and learned from an inspiring array of professionals from around the world who had a wide range of perspectives on water. This experience strengthened my drive to help equip Waterscan’s customers with the research and insights they need to make good water management decisions.”

Waterscan’s Sustainability Team comprises an array of experience and specialisms to assist companies with building water stewardship into their sustainability journeys and accelerating progress towards net-zero. Get in touch.

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    Waterscan is pleased to announce the line-up of its highly qualified Sustainability Team delivering a fully comprehensive suite of Water Consulting Services within the UK Water Market.

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