Waterscan and Greene King win at Waste2Zero

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For Self-Supply, Best Product, Technology and Innovation Award.

At Waterscan, we are very happy and excited to have been announced as the winners of the ‘Waste2Zero’ Best Product, Technology and Innovation Award 2018 in collaboration with Greene King, supporting water sustainability through the water Self-Supply innovation. This award highlights our significant, collaborative achievements and recognises excellence in waste management and prevention in the food service industry.

Footprint established this award in 2017 to highlight the importance of waste in the food service industries as the scale of the problem remains endemic, a significant and negative mega-trend that should be at the forefront of all food service business agendas.

Waste2Zero Awards

920,000 tonnes of food is wasted every single year and according to Footprint, an unbelievable 75% of the waste is avoidable. Alongside the waste of food itself, packaging is on a similarly catastrophic scale with 1.3 million tonnes of packaging and 0.66 million tonnes of non-food wastes discarded too.

It’s becoming a priority from both a social and operational perspective to  put sustainability at the heart of business. This  is why Waterscan is so proud to have won this award with long term partner, Greene King – it represents our principles and vision of a sustainable water future. Water waste is an overwhelming problem in the food production and service industry from manufacturing plants right through to consumer level at restaurants and in supermarkets. Waterscan is committed to making a positive contribution in regards waste by encouraging and guiding businesses into more sustainable water models.

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