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Waterscan is delighted to announce that it has saved its non-household water customers £20 million since the market opened in 2017.

These financial savings have been achieved across Waterscan’s Self-Supply and managed supply customers by guiding them through a comprehensive approach to responsible water management. This includes identifying and rectifying leakage, obtaining precise data and correcting inaccurate bills, and operational savings from supplier switching.

“Water is often overlooked by procurement teams, who perhaps believe that there are few savings to be achieved. Whilst this is true in relation to the comparatively costly gas and electricity markets, we have proved that its possible for large organisations to drive down their water footprint and the cost of the water they use,” commented Waterscan Managing Director, Neil Pendle. “The important point here is that these are sustainable savings, not just one-offs. Cutting down on water has long term benefits for both the companies and the communities within which they operate.”

This unrivalled success in the marketplace has been achieved by:

  • supporting customers in gaining full control over their water journeys,
  • understanding customer needs to get both, improved prices and service from retailers,
  • facilitating the option to self-supply water where it would be beneficial,
  • locating and reading meters to ensure that customers only pay for what they use,
  • identifying and fixing water leaks across customer networks,
  • giving customers a voice so that the water market has a better understanding of its users’ requirements.

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