Self-Supply applauded for driving change in drinks manufacturing

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Success for Marston’s Brewery and Greene King at the Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards.

Marston’s Brewery and Greene King have been judged as the two companies in the drinks sector that are making the biggest impact in the sustainable use of water, both with the support of Waterscan.

Marston’s Brewery was named as winner, and Greene King the runner-up, in the Sustainable Use of Water category at The Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards held in London on 11 September. Marston’s Brewery also scooped the Waste Prevention & Management Award.

Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards

The Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards for excellence in sustainable business practice reflect the fact that few industries rely on raw materials, water, energy and packaging as much as those involved in the production of alcohol and soft drinks. Carbon outputs through manufacturing processes and distribution, not to mention the waste implications, are evidence of a global industry with a huge collective responsibility that is arguably more beholden to climate and environmental conditions than many others. These awards were designed to celebrate initiative and innovation, commercial imagination and endeavour, and recognise those organisations leading the way towards a more sustainable and responsible industry.

Anastasia Sousanoglou, Water Strategy Manager at Waterscan was delighted for both companies, commenting: “Whilst any approach to sustainable business practice must be holistic and collaborative, it’s clear to see that those businesses that are taking control over this operationally-critical resource are beginning to reap the benefits. And that’s exactly what having a self-supply licence facilitates: full visibility of and control over water consumption and cost, for effective, future-focused decision making.”

She continued: “We congratulate Marston’s and Greene King, both of which have taken significant strides in their corporate responsibility by choosing this innovative approach to water procurement and management, and we look forward to achieving even more with them in the coming years.”

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