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Water Disclosure


We believe that disclosure is an essential part of addressing water risk and security. Whether you simply want to communicate your efforts in water stewardship, meet your stakeholder requirements or achieve independent recognition, disclosure is an excellent tool to manage your environmental impact.

Waterscan is a UK partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for Water Security.

It is anticipated that future legislation will make water reporting a mandatory requirement for large commercial users. Here at Waterscan, we already have the tools, skills and expertise to ensure your business is prepared.

Source: Video courtesy of CDP – www.cdp.net/en/companies-discloser

“It is our pleasure to welcome Waterscan on board as our accredited water consultancy provider in the UK. With over 25 years of experience in the water industry and services covering the full range of water management, we are confident their services will be of great value to companies looking to improve their water stewardship.”

– Paul Robins, CDP Head of Partnerships

Our services include:

  • Submissions to a range of disclosure schemes
  • Water risk assessments, water footprinting and catchment management
  • Water strategies to improve your performance year on year

Risk Assessment and Footprinting


Water is a fundamental part of all business operations - whether for basic employee use, processing and manufacturing, or for providing a customer service. Water shortage (which is a very real danger due to unpredictable rainfall patterns and excessive human consumption) can severely hinder the success and growth of your company.

To reduce the volume of water being consumed by your business, it is essential to determine how much water is being used, where and when. This is known as ‘water footprinting’ and it involves both your direct operations and supply chain.

Waterscan’s services help you identify water risks through a comprehensive, catchment-based approach and protect your business through creating a more sustainable platform for growth.

Water Strategy


Our Water Strategy service is an enhancement of all Waterscan's services.
Tailored to individual client requirements, it provides a strategic and commercially
focused water management plan with defined targets and goals.

A Waterscan Water Strategy is ideal for those who are unsure where or how to start a water management strategy, or perhaps have a Corporate Social Responsibility target to achieve but are uncertain how to deliver the desired result.

We have delivered against aggressive CSR targets of 50% consumption reduction and created ten year strategies that
continue to deliver year on year.

Four major risks are assessed as part of your Water Strategy: Financial, Operational, Reputational and Regulatory. We work to first understand your business operation and then to devise a solution focused strategy that you can confidently present to the business.

Waterscan works with you in partnership to deliver the results you need. These results are recorded and proven with regular monthly reports of performance against target. We are so confident of success that we have a commercial fee structure that means we are rewarded on the basis of proven results and paid upon delivery of key project milestones.