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In the UK, demand for water is at risk of outstripping supply.

Universities can play an important role in conserving water supplies by acting to reduce water consumption on their estates. The importance of tackling these challenges is highlighted by the People and Planet University League.

But water is a complex resource that requires careful management and planning. Improving your water reduction score requires an integrated approach looking at all of the water needs in your university.

Our unique services focus on your water journey, whether you are looking for a site audit to establish a baseline of your water needs, or a more complex solution using the information and data available to improve sustainable water management.

How Waterscan can help

Water supply

As a water provider, we offer proactive water management, aiming to reduce consumption and improve resilience to water-related risks.

Data management

Improving access to data empowers your organisation to make stronger decisions. We’ve worked with some of the largest organisations in the UK managing the installation and maintenance of Automatic Meter Reading (AMR).

Water efficiency

Universities have complex estates and water needs. Our range of tools and technologies can be used to generate insights and identify opportunities to optimise how your organisation uses water.

Water strategy

Building a clear roadmap for your university to improve consumption and maximise sustainable water stewardship.

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Water Matters 2024

Water Matters brings non-household water users together to explore how best to accelerate action and ultimately achieve water resilience. Join to learn amongst peers, inspire collaborative, coordinated action and drive innovation for a sustainable water future.

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