Customer event

Winter Self-Supply Users Forum

The Self-Supply Users Forum; working collaboratively towards a more resilient and sustainable water future.

Virtual meeting

7th December 2023, 10:00-11:30

The Self-Supply Community, Ofwat, MOSL and The Strategic Panel



With the 2023 calendar drawing to a close, this meeting will provide an ideal opportunity to hear from and engage with the water market operator and regulator and be informed of key updates.

There will also be focus on the Ofwat behaviour change bid and the key takeouts from this years’ events, with opportunities to utilise the experts in the room and express views on progress.

Further information

This forum is being held virtually via Microsoft Teams. To access the link, please fill in the RSVP form below and download the calendar invite.


Part 1 – Industry Updates: MOSL and Ofwat

An update from MOSL on their Strategic Objectives and Business Plan, followed by Ofwat on PR24. 

Part 2 – Behaviour change catalyst bid

An insight into Waterscan’s upcoming behaviour change bid to Ofwat’s Innovation Fund. 

Part 3 – Reflections of 2023

An opportunity to utilise the experts in the room and review progress on some of the key topics covered throughout the year.