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Waterscan’s Strategic Director, Claire Yeates, has been appointed to the newly formed market Code Change Committee.

Water market operator MOSL convened the Code Change Committee following a shake-up of market governance. The Committee will supplement the work of a similarly new Strategic Panel through making recommendations to regulator Ofwat concerning the rules that govern the market. Cross-industry engagement at this level is seen as fundamental to achieving a competitive, efficient and sustainable market which serves water customers, trading parties and the environment.

Waterscan’s Strategic Director, Claire Yeates
Waterscan’s Strategic Director, Claire Yeates

Claire is recognised as a leading expert in strategic water management, having collaborated with her peers and customers to drive improvements and efficiency within the water industry for over 25 years.

Commenting on her new appointment, she said: “I am passionate about being a positive influence to help deliver an effective market with a true customer focus. I have spent many years in a variety of customer-facing delivery roles across a broad range of sectors. This has enabled me to gain unrivalled insight into differing customer perspectives, challenges, and desired outcomes, and obtain the necessary operational experience to guide pragmatic solutions.

“This new role on the Code Change Committee will enable me to continue this work. I believe the Committee will play a pivotal role in delivering the priorities of the Strategic Panel to further develop the market and I very much look forward to being a part of this stage in market evolution.”

Claire Yeates, Waterscan’s Strategic Director

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