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Water Recycling


With an increasing population and more water intensive lifestyles contributing to rising water scarcity, all commercial organisations need to secure a reliable source of water to ensure continual and sustainable business operations. The installation of a tailored water recycling system will reduce potable water use, lower costs and enable businesses to reduce their environmental impact and achieve CSR targets.

Waterscan’s innovative award winning greywater, rainwater and bespoke recycling solutions incorporate cutting edge technology and unique features that deliver unrivalled solutions to end users, architects, consultants and contractors for a wide range of projects.

Our Water Recycling systems are listed on DEFRA’s Water Technology List which means you can claim on the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. The ECA programme enables UK businesses to write off the whole cost of capital allowances on investments in environmental technologies against taxable profits for the period during which you make the investment.


  • Well designed, tailored solutions which maximise efficiency and return on investment

  • Specialised team offering full operational support from design and supply to installation to maintenance

  • Superior precision engineered components for confidence and reliability

  • Flexible systems based on commercial and technical needs

  • Compliant with best practice BS8525 and BS8515 standards and BREEAM requirements

  • Working in partnership with contractors, consultants, architects and end users delivers the perfect system

  • Systems eligible for The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme

  • Service packages available for ongoing end user support

rainwater harvesting systems
  • Low energy components

    A variable speed pump set reduces energy use and running costs by up to 70%. The Waterscan system can produce 1m³ of water using only 1.5 Kw/h, saving on both energy consumption and cost

  • Tank Variations

    From HDPE and GRP to concrete tanks, we design the most cost effective and durable solution for your build

  • Two Stage Filtration Process

    Combined disc filtration and hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane (0.08 micron pore size) with regular backwashing to ensure consistent quality and flow rate of greywater.

  • Optimised aeration

    Continuous self-cleaning effect on the membrane surface keeps manual cleaning and maintenance to an absolute minimum

  • Triple redundancy

    Tiered backup system to ensure complete integrity of supply, consistency of performance and reduced risk of system failure

  • Optional built-in telemetry

    Transmit system data varying from simple water saving information through to live diagnostics which allows for preventative maintenance

  • Noise reduction technology

    One of the quietest systems on the market, great for large residential blocks and hotel accommodation

water recycling system

Bespoke Water Reuse Systems

Waterscan offer a bespoke design, build and installation service for:










CPD Seminars

Sustainable Water Products – An Introduction to Water Recycling Technology

Water is increasingly recognised as the next big global environmental challenge.

With security of supply a growing issue, incorporating water sustainability into our built environment can contribute massively to addressing water scarcity issues. Utilising systems and technologies that reuse various forms of water will specifically support this aim by reducing reliance on our local water sources.

Our free one hour seminar provides an important opportunity to learn more about why and where water recycling systems should be used. It is particularly useful for engineering contractors, consultants, architects and commercial water end users. You will learn about system components and best practice, as well as gaining a wider understanding of both rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling.

Learning objectives:

  • Why it’s important to consider reusing water when designing/constructing our built environment

  • The key factors to ensure successful incorporation of these systems, including legislative requirements

  • The common components of existing systems on the market

  • A deeper understanding of greywater and rainwater technology

  • Other potential water reuse ideas

  • Available allowances/support for incorporating water reuse systems

Case Studies