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Water Check

CONSUMPTION and billing analysis to identify cost savings

The starting point of your company’s water saving journey is a water audit to understand consumption and billing across your estate.

The Waterscan Water Check service performs a comprehensive review of a recent water bill for each site in your property portfolio. If opportunities for savings and refunds are identified further historic analysis may be undertaken. Following this, we deliver a report detailing opportunities for improvement that are specific to your organisation, along with an offer to cleanse your property portfolio risk-free.

Through this analysis alone, we have delivered impressive savings of up to 55% of annual spend with further on site works offering even greater savings and retrospective refund opportunities.


  • Up to 55% reduction in annual spend

  • Complimentary and no obligation - risk free water check of property portfolio

  • Identify refunds due from water companies

  • Gain an understanding of target usage by benchmarking against industry standards

  • Validation of future opportunities in the market

  • Expert analysis gives peace of mind your portfolio is optimised

  • A clear report detailing potential opportunities supports colleague engagement

A Water Check will comprehensively analyse your water bills

  • Identification of all types of billing anomalies (duplication, overestimation, overcharges)

  • Investigation of all fixed charges applied

  • Verification of allowances available

  • Validation of Surface Water Drainage charges

  • Assessment of average daily usage versus industry benchmark

  • Identification of excessive consumption

  • Confirmation of appropriate meter sizing

  • Investigation of Trade Effluent consents

  • Cross-referencing against successful precedents achieved nationwide

  • Validation of sector-specific opportunities

Water Management - Invoice Validation Plus

Invoice Validation Plus

Comprehensive water bill management, support and monitoring

Having your company’s water invoices validated by a specialist who understands the complexities of water company fees and charging structures can lead to significant financial savings as well as reducing internal administrative burdens.

The Waterscan Invoice Validation Plus service does not simply validate your invoice costs. Our service also analyses and benchmarks your bills against 20 years of industry data to identify all opportunities for reducing water costs and consumption. This service delivers ongoing support with regular invoice reviews to address incorrect charges and identify new opportunities for your business.

Our service exceeds many organisations who simply rely on a basic calculation to monitor water costs. However, our service goes beyond this, addressing areas such as meter size, tariffs, wastewater and surface water drainage charges plus an assessment of consumption against benchmark.

Our clients have realised exceptional savings after making the switch from having their water invoices validated through a multi-utility or other sole water service provider.


  • Increased opportunity for savings and refunds

  • Access to expert knowledge to ensure correct billing

  • Relevant benchmarking of usage against 20 years of industry data

  • Reduced administration time

  • Reporting and performance tracking to your required frequency

  • Transparency: monitor your account through Waterline©

  • Accurate financial reporting

  • Dedicated Waterscan Account Executive and Account Manager ensures smooth processing

Water Audit - flood


24/7 online access to personalised cost and consumption data

Waterline© is a complete software package, unparalleled in the industry, which enables you to have access to water cost and consumption data in a visually compelling, user-friendly way. It is of optimum benefit when it is used in combination with a water management strategy. As well as providing online access to live water consumption data and invoice information across your portfolio,Waterline© provides you with a comprehensive system for water management throughout your estate.

A multitude of reports are available giving you a variety of ways to monitor your portfolio’s water usage by site, region or group. These include:

  • Water footprint report details usage over time, enabling you to measure usage versus pre-agreed consumption reduction targets

  • Water consumption performance versus the benchmark for each site

  • Actual Daily Usage chart provides an ‘at a glance’ summary of daily consumption by site

  • Budgeting and accruals to ensure accurate financial reporting and management

  • Open book visibility of all activity being undertaken on your portfolio

  • Comprehensive management of jobs and opportunities identified

Sustainable Water Management

In addition to a wide ranging reporting suite, Waterline© can monitor the progress of major projects and installations such as AMR and leak repairs.

  • 1

    Project management tool for improved water monitoring and reporting

  • 2

    Water footprint enables tracking of performance against target

  • 3

    Open book, 24/7 access to all your water data, reports and service performance

  • 4

    Dashboard visuals provide quick, clear access to key data aiding decision making

  • 5

    Site level management enables you to identify inefficiencies and the need for remedial action

  • 6

    Leak detection alerts allow for swift identification and repair to reduce water wastage

Access to Waterline© is provided to all clients that utilise any of the Invoice Validation Plus, AMR, Water Management or Water Strategy services.

Water Audit

Site survey to validate consumption and identify wastage and cost savings

A Waterscan Water Audit provides you with a full understanding of where and how water is used, wasted and discharged from your property. It can be used to validate efficiency opportunities identified during our Water Check service or it can address specific requirements such as high consumption or leak detection.

Recognising that each of your sites pose different challenges and have varying requirements, flexibility in our approach is necessary and this is where our knowledge and experience is paramount. Waterscan’s highly trained technicians have been operating for over 20 years and are best placed to ensure you maximise cost and consumption savings, reduce wastage and verify supply integrity.


As part of our comprehensive Water Audit, we may recommend, supply and install a range of water saving devices that reduce and control water consumption inside buildings. These may include:


    An innovative water saving device installed into a WC cistern which reduces the amount of water used to flush.


    Reduce the flow and volume through selected technology appropriate for your building.


    An intelligent flush control system that saves water by adjusting the flush according to the number of users detected.


    Reduce excessive flows where required throughout your building.


  • Peace of mind sites are operating efficiently

  • Skilled, qualified technicians ensure all issues and opportunities identified

  • Behaviour and process inefficiencies identified

  • Reduce consumption through addressing leakage and faulty water points

  • Consumption and cost savings validated

  • Benchmarking provided through Waterline©

  • Full understanding of site usage and online access to reports


  • Validation of opportunities from your Water Check

  • Meter inspection, capacity and accuracy check

  • Verification of supply integrity and assessment of wastewater discharge

  • Identification of external leakage and internal inefficiencies

  • A review of all water points and facilities including verification of flow rates and recommendations to reduce where possible

  • Identification of process or behavioural inefficiencies and provision of recommendations to remedy

Leak Detection & Repair


Water leaks, if undetected, cost companies through consumption charges, reduced water pressure, material damage and, if in a sensitive area, interrupted production and loss of business.

A moderate leak (1 litre per second) on the mains supply would typically add £55,000 to a company’s annual bill. However, leaks can exist underground for years without being detected and frequently where water is seen breaking the surface is not where the pipe is actually leaking.

The Waterscan Water Leak service deploys our highly skilled team of leak detection engineers who can pinpoint leaks precisely with a comprehensive site survey. Different techniques are employed to first narrow the search for the leak into a zone then pinpoint the leak, typically to less than half a metre. This ensures that a repair can be carried out in the shortest possible time and with minimal disruption to the site while reducing the potential cost arising from the leakage.

As part of our Leak Detection service the technicians will confirm the source and volume of the leak with a proposal to remedy through the following process:


    All mains water supplies are mapped and zones established


    Flow rate and average daily usage is recorded


    Flow and pressure tests are conducted


    Utilising specialist equipment and techniques to pinpoint the leak swiftly and accurately

Water leak in trench

Leak Repair

Once we have precisely located the leak, our engineers will carry out the necessary repair.
This work could include:




Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

Informed management decisions for clarity and control of water consumption

To truly understand the consumption of a site or portfolio of properties, installing Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) is the ideal solution. Linked to an effective online management system such as our Waterline© system, it provides clarity of usage through profiling and control via accurate data and reporting.

Waterscan installed AMR data loggers enable you to continuously monitor your water usage, verify supplier meter reads to ensure accurate billing data and benchmark consumption against industry standards. Excessive or unusual consumption patterns are swiftly identified which could indicate leaks, inefficient equipment or processes and issues around employee behaviour.

Our AMR devices are installed by experienced Waterscan technicians primarily on revenue meters or deployed at strategic points. Upon installation, an initial review of water consumption is undertaken against industry benchmarks and identifies any irregular usage patterns. From here, we work with you to address any issues and provide recommendations for reducing consumption. Parameters are then agreed and set for continued monitoring.

Our AMRs collate usage data every 15 minutes (or more frequently if desired) which is uploaded daily through mobile phone networks to Waterline©. Up-to-date graphs and reporting can be accessed online 24/7, including consumption and cost data for your portfolio, by building, department, tenant, equipment or shift.


  • Bespoke solution to ensure reliability and consistent data provision

  • Return on investment typically less than 12 months

  • Take control with 24/7 accurate data and monitoring through Waterline©

  • Eliminate estimated billing – reduces water cost

  • Consumption alerts allow rapid rectification of leaks

  • Clearer usage profile to better plan water efficiency strategies and investment

  • Comprehensive package with flexible commercial terms to install, maintain and monitor

  • Provide effective environmental reporting

Monitoring and Targeting

Information gathered from AMR needs to be used effectively if it is to become a successful component of a comprehensive water monitoring and targeting programme. Our Waterline© web based reporting system offers:











Surface Water Survey

Surface Water Survey


Many companies do not realise they are being overcharged for wastewater services, in particular surface water drainage, and that they are eligible to claim savings back from the relevant companies.

Waterscan uses the latest mapping software to identify sites that have potentially been overcharged. The sites are then surveyed, drawings are prepared and applications submitted to the water companies to refund the potential overcharges.


As a result of over 20 years experience and expertise more than £2.8 million in refunds has been achieved for our clients since March 2012.

Trade Effluent Consents

REDUCE TRADE EFFLUENT Discharge costs and remain compliant

The Water Industries Act 2002 requires companies discharging liquid effluent or wastewater to a sewer to obtain a trade effluent discharge consent from the appropriate authority. These bodies are required by law to accept your effluent as long as it conforms to certain standards.

The charges for this service are levied according to a modified Mogden Formula. Parameters applied relate to total volume flow, the average COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand), BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and average suspended solids (SS) concentration. Despite volume and quality being the most important cost factors it is not uncommon for effluent flows not to be measured. We will help you control your discharge quality and ensure that no product or other material enters the effluent stream unnecessarily. Where possible we also analyse the potential for direct discharge to a watercourse.

The Waterscan Trade Effluent service provides comprehensive management from measuring your effluent, obtaining the required consent, delivering savings, undertaking inspection meetings, tracking billing and conducting biannual reviews.