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Rainwater Harvesting


Rainwater harvesting is ideally suited to retail outlets, distribution centres or large commercial buildings due to the volume of roof area and requirement for water use. Installing a commercial system within a geographical area with both historically high rainfall and high water supply charges will be most beneficial and reduce the payback period.

The Waterscan Rainwater Harvesting Service first assesses your geographic and infrastructure suitability via a few simple questions to provide an accurate system recommendation. Where appropriate, we can design and install a system to collect and filter rainwater, feeding it back into the property through a simple yet robust treatment system. This ensures that only the cleanest, soft water is utilised for non-potable purposes such as vehicle washing, flushing toilets and irrigation.

Why Commercial Rainwater Harvesting?

Commercial rainwater harvesting systems will reduce consumption and improve efficiency of water use, saving money and increasing corporate sustainability. This reduces demand on already stressed water supply networks and surface water sewer systems, optimising your water use and increasing water sustainability.


  • Meet CSR Goals

  • Improve Sustainability

  • Compliant with best practice BS8515 standards and BREEAM requirements

  • Save money on your water

  • Meet planning conditions

  • Systems eligible for The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme


  • Bespoke system designed for your application

  • Triple redundancy

  • Low energy components

  • Wide range of tank variations

Get Started

Rainwater harvesting can be incorporated into new build developments and selected existing buildings where there is sufficient roof space to capture rainwater. To enable a system to be designed, an understanding on the roof size, volume of water consumed on site and potential use of captured rainwater will be required.

Case Studies