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Waterscan Goes Further for Customers

Waterscan has always put customer interests at the heart of all it does, challenging the status-quo and driving innovation across the market.

Since market deregulation in 2017, Waterscan has held a Water and Sewerage Services Licence (WSSL) which allows it to participate in the open water market on behalf of its customers and to support Self-Supply Retailers. As a result, Waterscan has helped numerous conscientious businesses make significant progress towards their commercial and sustainability goals when it comes to water. In January 2021, in response to several customer requests, Waterscan will engage further in the market and expand existing operations to include wholesaler incentive schemes and water retailing.

This move has been driven by the desire to assist a number of long-standing customers who, due to continued frustrations with market operations, require a solution to address their water supply challenges. Supporting customers in this way opens more opportunities to implement effective and comprehensive long term water strategies and make smooth market transitions, without risking being bound by restrictive terms of business or poor customer service. In short, it will enable customers to capitalise on all of the positive opportunities the water market offers at the earliest opportunity.

Waterscan Managing Director, Neil Pendle, said: “Our self-supply and managed supply approaches are good examples of excellent water stewardship in action. Sometimes, however, additional help is required to enable customers to commence their sustainable water journeys. It is for this reason that we have decided to extend our services and strengthen our capacity to support select customers who need it. We are proud to offer this service which continues our work towards the ultimate long-term goal of building resilience for our customers and safeguarding water supplies across the UK.”