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Waterscan and Greene King Shortlisted for Supply Chain Award

Waterscan was thrilled to hear that it, along with fellow pioneer Greene King, has been shortlisted for another award for water self-supply: this time for Sourcing and Procurement at the 2018 Supply Chain Excellence Awards. The winner will be announced at a ceremony on 6th November at The London Hilton on Park Lane.

This award showcases projects which have improved the performance of the procurement function through innovation and/or more effective management of the process. For Greene King, this meant taking a leap into unchartered waters by being first to market with self-supply. It was not only a first for the brewery and pub company, but for the hospitality and utilities sectors more generally.

While many businesses were slow to respond to the open water market opportunity, Greene King – which had long partnered with Waterscan on its water management – was keen to proactively approach the market and build on the success of its water strategy to date. It is a significant user of water across its brewing and retailing operations with a portfolio of over 1,750 managed sites.

The company fully switched all 3,000+ Supply Point ID’s (SPIDS) on the day the English water market opened. These SPIDs were the first to switch in the new market, accounting for approximately 30% of total completed market transfer transactions on market opening (from 1.2 million eligible organisations).

In its first year of self-supply, Greene King reduced its water consumption by 140,000m3: that’s 384.32m3 (the equivalent of 676,313 pints) per day. Further benefits being realised are site level engagement which is driving efficiency and improved savings, greater control over supply and a single point of contact across its entire estate leading to exceptional customer service.

Self-supply aims to give high water consuming and other suitable organisations complete control over their water consumption and cost; achieve greater savings by paying direct wholesale costs, ensure billing accuracy at source and influence the future water marketplace.

Neil Pendle, Managing Director at Waterscan, said: “In bringing self-supply to market, we have strengthened our ability to deliver our core values – save water, save cost and create value throughout the supply chain.

We’re extremely proud of our work with Greene King and delighted that our client is achieving significant tangible benefits. At the same time, we’re demonstrating to all high water consuming organisations that water – once a little considered line on the balance sheet – can, and should, play a large part in responsible procurement.”