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Ruffling Feathers

It seems that the concept of water self-supply has been ruffling some feathers of late. It’s not unexpected. Whenever anyone takes a different path, challenges the status quo and tries to transfer power from traditional suppliers to market-savvy customers there will always be those who doubt. Think Airbnb. Think uSwitch. Think Kickstarter.

Indeed, when our potentially great water industry continues to be dogged by terrible customer service, lack of collaboration in the supply chain, a dearth of imagination and little appetite for change, then market disruption is not only inevitable – it’s a must.

The deregulated water market was disrupted two years ago when customers were able to access the market directly via self-supply. It wasn’t an easy path to travel for those companies at the forefront of this customer-led water revolution, but they believed it was the best option for their business and the wider market. They still do and I’m proud that our team does all it can to advise, support and equip them.

Meanwhile, many market participants are continuing to play the blame game which is impeding the transition to a fair and efficient open water market. It demonstrates an unwillingness to transfer power from the water supply chain to customers and an unwillingness to test new approaches. This also reflects poorly on the select group among them striving to do good and embracing change.

All this misguided energy does little to deter those forward-thinking self-supply companies who want to bring about positive change and benefit from expertise and support to deliver it. It is exactly these blame games and long games that businesses wish to see the end of, and we are very happy to support them in achieving this.

While some water retailers rightly talk of ‘making subtle changes’ and ’trying to make a positive change in the market,’ the self-supply community has already delivered it. While some talk of implementing five-year strategies which will ‘supplement customer offerings with new and in some cases innovative offerings’, the first self-suppliers were being proactive, pushing sustainable practices and getting their water affairs in order years ago!

If, within two years of developing this route to market, our team together with the growing self-supply community is demonstrably outperforming the rest of the industry then we must be doing some things right. What kind of things? Transparent data on which to make effective business decisions. Consumption savings that go beyond expectations. Administrative efficiencies. Excellent customer service. It’s all documented by MOSL in its market performance reports. And it’s no wonder that the self-supply community has become a driving force in the new water landscape.

Government, industry bodies like Ofwat, MOSL and the Consumer Council for Water are working hard to instil new market values. Their vision for a water market that is customer- driven, accountable to the businesses it serves and innovative in its approach to creating efficiencies are values which we at Waterscan fully uphold and work hard to deliver.