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Costs and Benefits of Installing a Greywater Recycling System

Greywater systems are becoming more popular in the UK, with adoption continuing to rise as technology improves, environmental regulations tighten and awareness increases. The most compelling argument for installing a system is the amount of water you can save in your business operations.

Greywater recycling has been shown to reduce water use by as much as 40%. Typically, a system will pay for itself in three to five years. Businesses that install greywater systems are eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme to contribute to the costs.

What is Greywater?

In this instance, greywater refers to the wastewater from showers, baths, and sinks. This water is still relatively clean after use and once it has passed through the system it can be reused for flushing toilets and irrigating gardens.

Environmentally conscious businesses have traditionally installed rainwater collection systems and used this as an alternative source of water. However, greywater recycling systems typically have a quicker return on investment and aren’t dependent on the level of rainfall, meaning you can save water all year round.

How Does It Work?
The system collects wastewater from washbasins, showers, and baths. This water is fed into the greywater system to be filtered and pumped into a storage tank. Here it sits until there is a demand, at which time it is then pumped out of the tank for reuse in toilet flushing or irrigation.

Once in place, a greywater recycling system is fairly low maintenance and typically only requires an annual visual inspection.

Is a Grey Water System Right for You?

To truly maximise your return on a greywater system, it should be designed into the building prior to construction due to the requirement for specific pipework and space for the filtration and storage tanks. Retrofitting these components will often prove too cost prohibitive and cause disruption to your business.

Greywater recycling is ideally suited to hotels, leisure centres, large office and residential blocks as there is a constant supply of water used in baths, basins and showers which can meet the demand of flushing toilets and irrigating gardens.

The ECA program has made greywater systems very appealing to UK businesses, since they are able to write off the entire investment cost for the system against taxable profits. The need for improved water efficiency is only going to increase, so installing a greywater system will not only realise cost and consumption savings now but also prepare your business for the future.

To learn more, or for a no-obligation chat about installing a system, contact Waterscan, the UK’s leading provider of water management services.