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CPD Seminar: Sustainable Water Products

An introduction to water recycling technology

This CPD certified seminar looks at the reasons for and various uses of water recycling; giving expert guidance, deeper knowledge, addressing regulations and the BS8515 / BS8525 standards.

Best practice, important design considerations and principles for both rainwater and greywater recycling are discussed including how rainwater harvesting systems can be combined with stormwater management schemes. The CPD seminar also covers common problems and what can be done to avoid these, plus the importance of a good installation and maintenance regime to ensure ongoing reliability.

Waterscan Greywater Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting systems

Learning objectives

Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • Why it’s important to consider reusing water when designing and constructing our built environment
  • The key factors to ensure successful incorporation of these systems, including sizing, different system types for varying applications and choosing the right package
  • A deeper understanding of greywater and rainwater technology and how they work
  • Incorporating SuDS with rainwater harvesting systems
  • Costs, cost savings and pay back periods
  • Available government allowances and support for incorporating water reuse systems
  • Legislative requirements, regulations and guidance codes including BREEAM, BS8515 / BS8525 and building regulations
  • Potential obstacles and issues to consider
  • Installation and maintenance requirements for ongoing reliability
  • Case studies including Premier Inn Hotels
  • Other / bespoke potential for reusing water

CPD certified

Waterscan CPD certified seminar logoWater is increasingly recognised as the next big global environmental challenge. Incorporating water sustainability into our built environment can contribute massively to addressing water scarcity issues. Utilising systems and technologies that reuse various forms of water will specifically support this aim by reducing reliance on our local water sources. This seminar has been CPD certified and is worth one compulsory learning credit and one compulsory hour.

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