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BT Saves £1 Million On Water

BT has achieved one million pounds in savings on its water bills since switching to self-supply in 2019.

Commenting on this impressive milestone, Matthew Power,
the company’s Picture of Matt Power, BT's Utilities Commercial Specialist in the shape of a water dropletUtilities Commercial Specialist, said: “Saving such a huge amount of money in such a short amount of time is a fantastic achievement and I’m very proud of our multi-layered approach to water procurement and stewardship which has led to this success to date.

“With Waterscan’s help, we have tackled our long-unread water meters head-on and used this newfound revelatory data to identify and resolve a large number of underground leaks across our estate.

“Looking ahead, I’m looking forward to building on our work to date, confident that I can now make good strategic decisions based on sound accurate water data. A focus area for us is to boost resilience and build contingency plans for our sites in water-stressed catchment areas.”

BT’s specialist Account Manager at Waterscan, James Goodall, added: “BT has a complex property portfolio with nearly 7,000 supply points to manage. 25% of BT’s meters were classified as ‘long-unread’ (meters that have not been read for 12 months or more) when it procured water through the traditional retailer route. By engaging with the water market through self-supply, we have bought these long-unread meters right down to under 2%, enabling us to pinpoint areas of concern and actively reduce water consumption across the business. Further financial savings have been achieved because, as a self-supply customer in the water market, BT pays wholesale rather than retail
prices for water and wastewater services.”

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