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Braeburn Estates Chooses INTELLISTORM® by Waterscan

For Prestigious London Development, Southbank Place

Intellistorm Flood Management, Southbank Place

Intellistorm®, Waterscan’s unique intelligent water reuse and flood resilience system, is being used by Braeburn Estates, a joint venture between by Qatari Diar and Canary Wharf Group, for a prestigious development which is set to transform London’s South Bank.

The unique Southbank Place mixed-use development will provide 49,000m2 of office space, 4,500m2 of retail units, restaurants and cafés and 877 new homes across eight new buildings with the famous Shell Centre Tower at its heart. The scale of this scheme will create a high demand for water and impact the capital’s stormwater drainage network so solutions to mitigate these impacts were sought.

Global infrastructure services firm AECOM is designing mechanical and electrical engineering services for the scheme. Paul Taylor, Associate Director at AECOM, specified Waterscan’s cutting edge technology for the site.  He said: “The London Plan directs that all developments should consider the reuse of rainwater in the design of stormwater drainage. For this project, we wanted to use a large proportion of rainwater to support the site’s air conditioning cooling tower plant. We were aware of Waterscan and their Intellistorm® system, which ideally suits the Southbank Place Project.”

The overloading of urban drainage infrastructure, especially where there are new developments, creates a significant flood risk. Intellistorm® has been designed to help address this problem. Unlike traditional attenuation systems (which deliver continuous controlled discharge of any collected surface water at the time of rainfall) Intellistorm® responds to live weather forecast data, holding rainwater in attenuation tanks and only releasing enough to the sewer system in advance of rainfall to allow sufficient space in the tanks for the expected volume of new water. Collected rainwater can also be re-used for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation, vehicle washing and cooling systems. Intellistorm® is compliant with stringent local planning and discharge requirements and best practice sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) principles.

Barry Millar, Operations Director at Waterscan, commented: “With a large site surface area – which we estimate could harvest 15,000m3 per annum – a significant percentage of Southbank Place’s water requirements will be supplied through rainwater, thus reducing demand on London’s stressed water supply network.  It will also alleviate pressure on the capital’s surface water sewer system.”

He continued: “Intellistorm® also proved to be a very cost-effective approach for this project because attenuation tanks had to be built to capture stormwater in any eventuality, so no further expense was incurred in creating water storage capabilities. The key difference is that, instead of these tanks being empty for 95% of the time, they will store water and be full for almost 100% of the time making large volumes of rainwater available for reuse.”

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