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Intelligent Stormwater Management and Reuse

Intellistorm® enables a site to maximise water reuse and reduce discharge to drain by intelligently storing and using collected rainwater for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation, vehicle washing and cooling systems.

Unlike traditional attenuation systems which temporarily attenuate stormwater and allow a continuous controlled discharge of any collected surface water – Intellistorm® actively empties attenuation in accordance with weather forecast data, providing only sufficient space in the tanks to receive incoming rainwater and ensuring the maximum amount of water for reuse is continuously available.

Intellistorm® eliminates as much as £100,000 from the cost of integrating water reuse to a new build development where attenuation already exists, ensuring maximum uptake of water reuse. Cost is not the only key factor; Intellistorm® presents no additional equipment footprint or civil excavation associated with a second tank, allowing space to be removed as a barrier in the decision to integrate water reuse.

Why Intellistorm®?

Intellistorm® puts water reuse well within the reach of every project where SUDs is a planning requirement. The concept mitigates the need for separate rainwater harvesting and attenuation systems where a new build development needs to consider both flood resilience and water consumption impact. By combining two systems and using intelligent data, significant construction cost savings are achieved and spatial restrictions to accommodate large water storage volumes are mitigated. Furthermore, end-users achieve ongoing cost savings through water reuse and the wider environment and society benefit from boosted flood resilience.


  • Increased flood resilience - reduced and controlled discharge to drain prior to rainfall occurring

  • Approximately 40% less build materials and labour used during construction over traditional systems

  • Lower site water consumption by as much as 50%

  • Space saving - no additional equipment footprint or civil excavation required

  • Can help to meet discharge planning conditions related to flood risk

  • Reduces load on stressed water supply and surface water sewers


  • Combined rainwater harvesting and intelligent attenuation

  • Met Office rainfall forecast synchronisation

  • Software operated and held locally giving clients full control

  • Highly customisable water treatment

Get Started

Intellistorm® can be incorporated into a multitude of new build developments. To enable a system to be designed, an understanding on site surface drainage area and the potential use of harvested rainwater will be required.


“The London Plan directs that all developments should consider the reuse of rainwater in the design of stormwater drainage. For this project, we wanted to use a large proportion of rainwater to support the site’s air conditioning cooling tower plant. We were aware of Waterscan and their Intellistorm® system, which ideally suits the Southbank Place Project.”

Paul Taylor, Associate Director at AECOM