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Greywater Recycling


Greywater recycling is ideally suited to hotels, student accommodation or large residential blocks due to the nature of their water use supply versus demand equilibrium. The installation of a greywater system is a great alternative to traditional sustainable measures, offering an effective solution with no reliance on rainwater.

The Waterscan Greywater Recycling System captures the water used for showering or bathing and, after specialised filtration, is fed back in to the property for use in non-potable purposes such as flushing toilets, irrigation and laundry. Treatment is such that the membrane provides a fixed barrier to waterborne viruses and pathogens meeting required quality standards.

Our unparalleled design service enables us to tailor a solution that eliminates financial and spatial barriers and delivers the most cost effective low energy solution for your premises.

Why Commercial Greywater Recycling?

Commercial greywater recycling systems will reduce consumption and improve efficiency of water use, saving money and increasing corporate sustainability. The use of greywater recycling systems helps to reduce the impact of new developments on already stressed water supply networks. The use of greywater recycling systems helps to reduce the impact of new developments on already stressed water supply networks. Ensuring the ability to specify high flow fittings whilst still meeting BREEAM and planning commitments.


  • Meet CSR Goals

  • Improve Sustainability

  • Compliant with best practice BS8525 standards and BREEAM requirements

  • Save money on your water

  • Meet planning conditions

  • Systems eligible for The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) Scheme


  • Ability to deal with variations in flow rates and greywater quality

  • Can be switched off overnight if required

  • Maintains peak efficiency due to regular backwashing

  • Tolerant of changes in water quality

  • Fully connected, IOT compatible

Get Started

Greywater recycling can be incorporated into new build developments where there is a consistent supply of shower or bath water. To enable a system to be designed, an understanding on the number of rooms in the building will be required.


Working with Waterscan, we designed a bespoke greywater recycling system that incorporated innovative features to ensure system reliability and guarantee customer experience was not affected. The system is producing great results, reducing our reliance on mains water considerably. We are now designing all our own new hotels in the region with greywater recycling technology.

Matthew Lewis - Property Development Director, Premier Inn Hotels LLC

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