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Environmental Management

Waterscan Limited recognises that good environmental management and addressing the challenges of climate change must be an integral and fundamental part of its corporate business strategy.

Waterscan understands that its activities impact on the environment, both through the routine internal operations and through the supply, provision and support of its water management products and services.
It acknowledges a responsibility for, and commitment to, the protection of the environment at all
levels, primarily by:

  • Reducing travel, through the use of technology and travelling efficiently when it is essential
  • Reducing waste and energy usage
  • Ensuring that all products, services, and activities carried out will fully comply with applicable environmental legislation and other requirements
  • Prevention of pollution, the continuous improvement of environmental performance through the engagement of all employees and drive such engagement with its supply chain
  • Ensuring as much purchased material as possible is sourced from sustainable or recycled materials
  • Setting targets and objectives and regularly reviewing them
  • Monitoring and measuring carbon footprint with the view of reducing it

Waterscan operates an Environmental Management System which sets out the commitments of the company, determines the environmental aspects of activities, products and services that can be controlled, those that can be influenced, their associated environmental impacts, mechanisms for managing them, plus environmental aims and targets to strive for.

Environmental Performance

The charts below detail the environmental performance of Waterscan in four key areas: gas usage, electricity usage, water usage and CO2.

  • Electricity Usage

  • Gas Usage

  • Water Usage

  • CO2 Usage

The Future

Waterscan is aiming for continual improvement on its environmental performance, setting out some key aims and targets will support the achievement of this:

  • Encourage clients, suppliers and stakeholders to adopt environmental principles
  • Raise employee awareness of environmental issues and the impact each individual can have, specifically on utility usage
  • Integrate environmental objectives into relevant business decisions in a cost-effective manner undertaking an aspects and impacts assessment when business changes occur
  • Continual review of the Energy Management System and transparency by publishing environmental performance
  • Review and implement green energy tariffs
  • Employee led community initiatives such as beach clean days

If you have any questions in regards Waterscan’s environmental policy or performance, please contact info@waterscan.com

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