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    Why Act Now: The Business Case For Water Action

    The business case for integrating water into sustainability and commercial action plans immediately has become crystal clear. Here’s why.

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    A Mixed State Of Affairs

    Traditional market structures and approaches are failing to deliver necessary improvements for water customers and the environment, reveals water market regulator Ofwat in its fourth State of the Market Report.

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    9 Reasons Why Water Will Dominate Sustainability In 2022

    Why will water dominate the sustainability agenda in 2022? Read our infographic with 9 reasons why water needs to be on your corporate sustainability agenda now.

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    Give a Little, Gain a Lot

    I am delighted that Ofwat has published H2Open, a paper that aims to “supercharge a public discussion about the benefits of open data and how it could be used to help address some of the challenges the water sector faces from climate change, the environment, changing customer demands and protecting the most vulnerable.”

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    Lifting the Fog: How Covid Illuminated the Way for the Water Market

    At the most recent Self-Supply Users Forum in September, I was asked to present my reflections on the non-household water market to date. For me, there have been three clearly defined phases in its development so far.

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    Climate Crisis: 4 Reasons We Need To Solve Water, Now

    As Earth's temperature increases, organisations are recognising the threat of water scarcity. But why should we treat the climate crisis as a water crisis? Here are four reasons.