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Water Management, Water Recycling, Water Stewardship

Whitbread – Sustainable Water Management

Project 10 years of sustainable water management and Waterscan’s greywater recycling system
Location Nationwide
Classification Water Recycling / Water Management / Water Strategy
Sector Hotel, Restaurant


Waterscan has been providing sustainable water management services to the Whitbread Group for over 10 years. In addition to identifying refunds and savings through invoice validation, water recycling including a greywater recycling system and various other water efficiency projects have been implemented. The Whitbread Group set a challenge to deliver significant reductions in water use as part of their corporate environmental responsibility plans; with a water consumption reduction target of over 1 billion litres set against a 2009 baseline, to be delivered by 2017. The target challenges industry norm, focusing on making a significant difference to the environment and local community in which each Whitbread site operates.


21.2%  Water consumption reduction relative to sales against a 2009 baseline
1st  UK hotel chain to install a greywater recycling system
46 systems Greywater recycling systems installed across the Premier Inn estate
30 litres Average daily saving per room
657m3  Annual consumption saving, the equivalent of over 8,200 baths, per hotel
30%  Average reduction in hotel potable water usage
100%  Toilet flushing requirement in new build hotels from recycled water

The project

Whitbread - Sustainable Water Management and a Greywater Recycling SystemThe partnership initially began with the supply of invoice validation, historical auditing and on site water audit services to establish existing water consumption and costs. This enabled savings to be identified and recommendations provided for future water efficiency.
Resource was then committed to automating measurement of each sites water usage through the deployment of AMR devices which enables leak detection and unusual consumption patterns to be noted, plus allowed for accurate reporting to be completed through Waterline©, a unique online water management system.
The partnership progressed to building water sustainability into everyday operations with a greywater recycling system being installed in new build Premier Inn hotels. The most recent initiative saw all these initiatives combined in the development of a water strategy which set targets for water consumption reduction, delivered an implementation plan to enable success and gives regular reporting and tracking to target. The water strategy formed a key part of the Whitbread Group’s CR program ‘Good Together’.


”Our vision is to lead the hospitality industry to become more sustainable and we want to work with our suppliers who share these key values, have strong environment policies and can help us reduce our water footprint and environmental impact.

Waterscan’s reporting, monitoring and greywater recycling system reduces water usage on average at Premier Inn hotels by 30% compared to the water consumption of a similar hotel.”

Chris George
Head of Energy and Environment, Whitbread