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Water Matters: Insights for the UK’s Public Sector

Water is a critical asset for public sector organisations.

Think for a second… How long could your frontline services continue to operate without water?

The chances are, you’ve got about 10 minutes before vulnerable members of society are put at risk. Within a couple of hours, you’re in crisis management mode. Within a couple of days, planned budget and resource priorities are out of the window and everyone is demanding action and answers.

Read the report to discover how to future-proof your operations, become more resilient to climate change and protect against the invisible risk of water.

In ten minutes, you’ll discover…

  • Why water is the invisible risk across your estate
  • How some local authorities are beginning to manage this risk (two case studies inside)
  • What you can do to start your organisation’s journey to water sustainability

download the public sector water ebook to futureproof your organisation

Water is critical to your organisation, and society. You can take action to protect your operations, and our environment. It’s time to make water work for you.

Public sector bodies are waking up to water. With water scarcity on the horizon, discover how Blackpool Council and Sefton Council are taking leadership on water management.

Read the report to get proactive on water.

a peek inside the free public sector water report on how to build resilience to climate change