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Water Matters: Insights for the UK’s Pub & Restaurant Sector

Do you consider water a risk to your business?

How long could your pub or restaurant operate without water? Chances are, after 30 minutes your onsite health & hygiene is deteriorating. A day and you’re struggling to serve customers. A week, your sites are closed, financial targets are impacted and your company reputation is at stake.

Water is a critical asset for pubs, restaurants and breweries.

In just twenty years, water demand is predicted to exceed water availability. Read the report to discover how to future-proof your operations, become more resilient to climate change and mitigate the water risk.

In ten minutes, Read the pub and restaurant water reportyou’ll discover…

  • Why water is the invisible risk in your business
  • How some pub & restaurants such as Greene King and Marston’s are managing this risk
  • What you can do to start your journey to water sustainability (broken into simple steps)

It’s time to make water work for you. Read the report to learn how you can get proactive on water today, mitigate your water risk and secure the future success of your business.

a peek inside the free pub and restaurant sector water report on how to build resilience to climate change