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Water Recycling

Premier Inn

Project Premier Inn ADIA greywater recovery
Location Abu Dhabi International Airport
Classification Water Recycling – Greywater
Sector Hotel


In a region which averages approximately only 120mm rainfall per year and is one of the highest per capita water consumers in the world, saving water is of primary concern in Abu Dhabi. Having extensive experience of water reuse technologies in the UK, Premier Inn hotels in the Middle East decided their newest hotel should set the standard in the emirate by utilising greywater recycling technology.
The system is the first to be approved by the Regulation and Supervision Bureau for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (RSB) and was the brainchild of water management specialist Waterscan.


24% Average monthly mains water consumption savings
735,550L Average amount of water recycled per month
8,826m3 Average annual consumption savings achieved, the equivalent of over 110,000 baths
1st RSB approved greywater system in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
60L Average saving per in house guest
100% Toilet flushing requirement from recycled water

The project

Premier InnThe greywater recycling system used at Premier Inn ADIA works by taking water used for showering and bathing across the 300 rooms and treats it through an ultra-filtration membrane before feeding it back into the hotel for use in flushing toilets and irrigation. Installing a system which is capable of reducing water consumption by up to 40% will differentiate Premier Inn Hotels in the Middle East from other hoteliers and provide a huge relief to local water supplies.
As well as vastly reducing mains water consumption, the greywater recycling system is designed with innovative, low energy components that deliver higher energy efficiency and lower running costs. For added user peace of mind, the system includes built-in telemetry enabling remote diagnostics reporting and preventative maintenance to occur.
The system installed at Premier Inn ADIA has a 20,000L treatment capacity with a clear water tank of 15,000L. The design was carefully considered to ensure no interruption in supply or effect on customer experience.


”With water scarcity a primary concern in Abu Dhabi, we wanted to take the lead and become the first ever building and the first hotelier to recycle greywater in Abu Dhabi. Reducing our impact on local water supplies and acting sustainably in the areas we operate is a key driver for Premier Inn Hotels and the Whitbread Group.

Working with Waterscan, we designed a bespoke greywater recycling system that incorporated innovative features to ensure system reliability and guarantee customer experience was not affected. The system is producing great results, reducing our reliance on mains water considerably. We are now designing all our own new hotels in the region with greywater recycling technology.”

Matthew Lewis
Property Development Director, Premier Inn Hotels LLC