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Water Management

National Logistics Group

Project Delivering water efficiencies across the property estate
Location Nationwide
Classification Water Management
Sector Logistics


Having realised the precious nature of natural water supplies, this national logistics group committed to understanding and managing its water consumption. Aside from this environmental driver, using water more efficiently also presented significant cost-saving opportunities.

The company has a portfolio of sites across the UK, including distribution hubs, depots and offices. The sites range from historical buildings to new build offices, with different challenges presented in each. Its delivery offices and mail centres account for an estimated 76 per cent of water consumption, primarily through domestic water use in washrooms and catering areas. Water is also used for cleaning, building maintenance and washing vehicles.


6% – Overall water consumption reduction
£340,000 – Potential savings identified on this project
34% – Reduction in consumption identified at one site, saving 10,000m3 or £25,000 per year
50 sites – Completed water footprint assessments
13 – Leak repairs completed in a year
£1M – In excess of £1M saved during the partnership

The project

Waterscan partnered with this company to focus on assessing the water footprint of 50 of its top water consuming sites. Together, these represent approximately 30 per cent of total water consumption, at over 440,000m3 – enough to fill 176 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This assessment involved a detailed audit by Waterscan to identify opportunities for reducing water use. It had three main areas of focus:

Meter assessment, to ensure each site is being billed correctly
Supply integrity, to locate leaks or areas of stress in the water supply
Staff facilities, including understanding opportunities to reduce consumption in washrooms, through changing taps and urinal controls, as well as in catering facilities

All areas of the water bill, which differ between each of the water companies, were investigated prior to the site audits. Using industry and sector knowledge, Waterscan is able to benchmark each site and highlight areas of high consumption. Waterscan’s technicians then investigated each site to validate water consumption with all activities visible to the client through the bespoke water management system, Waterline©. This online system provides full reporting on all activities being carried out, pending and completed, including water and cost savings. Work completed included site audits, leak detection, pipe work relays, leak fixing and, shared supply rectification.