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Greene King – Water Management Strategy Project

Project Water management strategy for water reduction
Location Nationwide
Classification Water Management Strategy
Sector Pub & Restaurant


Waterscan was engaged to deliver significant efficiencies in water consumption and support enhanced social responsibility through delivery of a water management strategy in partnership with Greene King. Once the baseline consumption was established, using water benchmarking, a water consumption reduction target of 12% by end of financial year 2014/2015 versus a 2012 baseline was set, equating to just under 172,000m3.
A key driver for taking the steps to establish a water management strategy and focus on water reduction was Greene King’s CSR initiative which was launched to drive social responsibility engagement both internally and across the Spirit supplier base.


12.13%  Reduction in total usage compared to a 2012 baseline

£914,000  Total savings in excess of £914,000

173,000m3  Over 173,000m3 of water saved, the equivalent to approximately 304 million pints

149  Water audits of high consuming pubs completed

58,000m3 Approximate amount of water saved due to leak identification and rectification

The project

Through a rigorous process of obtaining data and inputting this into Waterline©, a unique online water management system, it was possible to establish a clear picture of performance, the baseline data and conduct water benchmarking to identify high consuming sites. Risks and opportunities were then assessed prior to the provisional goal and scope of the project being defined. After these initial stages, the specific business and operational scenarios were examined to evaluate the latest technologies and areas where water reduction of usage was viable. Following this, the strategy was devised, implemented and monitored.

Reduction in consumption was achieved across the estate through various means including;

  • Identification of leaks on the supply pipe and on internal pipework
  • Water benchmarking
  • Resolving shared supply
  • Fixing leaking water storage tanks
  • Replacing faulty taps
  • Problems with Water Management Systems (Urinal Controls) and toilets were addressed.

QuoteGreene King - Water Management Strategy for Water Reduction

”Greene King initially engaged Waterscan on a bill validation project. Whilst delivering an excellent financial result, we were particularly impressed with the expertise and market insight which the Waterscan team brought to the project.

We now work together in partnership and have much better management of water in our business. The comprehensive strategic approach delivers against defined annual targets and performance is tracked to ensure success. As a result our data has improved dramatically and leaves us well placed ahead of market deregulation in 2017.”

Gavin Worthington
Purchasing Manager

Greene King