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Water Management

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Project Water management and cost reduction
Location Nationwide
Classification Water Management
Sector Communications

communications case studyOverview

A well-known communications group engaged Waterscan as its water efficiency specialist for over a decade. Waterscan’s systematic approach and innovative solutions delivered annual reductions in water consumption and cost. With over 6,000 properties in the portfolio and clearly defined timescales this project required an experienced and well organised team to prioritise and realise cost savings effectively.


£3.7M – In excess of £3.7M total savings achieved
1Mm3 – Water consumption savings over one million m3
600+ – AMR loggers installed throughout the UK
c.2500 – Leak detection and repairs competed
60+ – Successful Surface Water Drainage investigations
5% – Average YonY water reduction achieved

The project

With many of the 6,000 sites unmanned exchanges, the plan was to concentrate on leak detection and repairs, AMR (automatic meter reading) and surface water drainage. Key sites were identified for AMR installation; the remote data is then sent from the logger to Waterline©, Waterscan’s unique online water management system, and immediate SMS fluctuation alerts are sent out to Waterscan’s operations team when consumption exceeds benchmarked expectation. Site audits were then completed, with leak detection techniques used to identify and fix any issues found.

One large project carried out was a large supply renewal. The site was split up into three areas, A, B and C. After a thorough audit of all three sites, which included locating 24 sub meters, it was possible to pin point the start and end of the relay required. The total relay was 2,400 metres, 700 metres on Site B and 1,700 metres on Site C. The renewal took three weeks to complete with four technicians completing the work.

Surface water drainage charges were a key focus of the project with Waterscan’s specialist team identifying and applying for refunds. Working together, Waterscan’s team of analysts first identify sites with potential saving through reviewing the water bills; the surface water team will then investigate the opportunity further. The latest mapping software and detailed site drainage surveys are both deployed to prove the incorrect charges and the appropriate applications submitted.

Over 600 AMR loggers were installed throughout the UK, transmitting data to Waterline for direct site consumption comparison.