Financial Controller

Victoria Taylor

Since joining Waterscan as an Analyst in 2011, Victoria has progressed her career into her desired profession, accounting.

She is now Financial Controller at Waterscan’s head office.

Victoria, what bought you to Waterscan?

I joined the company when I was working towards my Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualifications. At that time, there wasn’t a position within the accounting team, but I liked the company and felt it was important to get some office experience to supplement my study, so I took a role as a Waterline Analyst. This gave me valuable experience that I have been able to build on. Within 18 months, I had progressed to Team Leader, and subsequently to Manager of Retail Services, to coincide with the largest competitive water retail market in the world opening for business.

Once I had completed my AAT qualifications, I was eager to move into an accounting role, and so I was delighted to be able to make this move, firstly as an Assistant Accountant before being promoted to Finance Manager. In 2022, I became Financial Controller.

Tell us about a typical day for you.

As with most accounting, many of my tasks are regimented, working in monthly cycles to meet deadlines for internal reporting, customer invoicing, payroll and HMRC returns. Every role that I’ve had at Waterscan assists me in my work today. I’ve got a good understanding of how water retailing works and detailed insight into what our Account Services and Retail Services teams do, and this helps me to validate and challenge settlement figures where necessary.

Being based at Head Office also has its benefits, as I have an opportunity to see how else I can be of value, and that often leads to being involved in project work that varies my role.

What’s next for you?

I’m always upskilling! And, although I’ve been in a managerial position for some time now, I continue to develop as a manager. This is an aspect of work that I love because I know how it feels to be in my team’s shoes.

Which skills do you look for in your team?

A positive, can-do attitude above all. A willingness to learn and get stuck in. No job should ever be too big or too small. As I have proven, the size of our company offers a lot of room for development and progression, so, anyone with a good customer service ethic, an interest in the water industry and/or analytical experience is useful to us here. There’s plenty of training available and always something to work towards, so there’s ample room for movement and progression if you express a wish to do so.

What do you think Waterscan does well?

It’s an enjoyable working environment and we appreciate the company’s approach to flexible working. There are good working relationships throughout, and our Directors are always accessible for a quick chat when you need one; this wouldn’t be possible in a larger business. Our office location is great too – it’s lovely to be able to wander out into our historic city at lunchtime and to get together socially. All of this keeps people happy and motivated.

Victoria Taylor’s career journey

  • 2013Waterline Team Leader
  • 2017Retail Services Manager
  • 2017Assistant Accountant
  • 2022Finance Manager
  • 2022Financial Controller

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