Account Manager

Claire Wilby

Claire joined the Waterscan team as an Account Analyst in September 2018, shortly after graduating.

She has since been promoted three times to Senior Account Analyst, and then to Lead Account Analyst in 2020, before taking on the role of Account Manager in January 2022.

Claire, what first attracted you to Waterscan?

The company’s mission and its size. Working on sustainability makes you feel good! Knowing that you’re going to work for a company whose primary mission is to make the world more sustainable was a huge draw.

The medium size of the business was also attractive to me. I would have found it daunting to walk into a large corporate with thousands of people and where I’d just feel like a number, so I feel very lucky to have been able to start my career at Waterscan. There’s a lovely atmosphere here. Everyone knows everyone. Immediately, it felt like a warm, friendly environment.

Did you study data science or sustainability?

No! I did a politics degree, but I was confident that I had transferable skills for the role I was interviewing for, which required me to be numerate and analytical, with strong communication and time management capabilities. I knew I would be able to use my skills to make a difference.

Although my exposure to a commercial environment was very low prior to starting, I found that I integrated into the world of work easily here, and my career path has been fully supported through structured learning and development, mentoring, and managerial guidance.

Your career progression has been fast, hasn’t it?

Yes, I have put myself forward for every opportunity to further my learning, and in turn that led to promotion. I’m ambitious and driven and I’ve always looked to the next step in my career.

Through quarterly check-ins with my manager, I’ve been able to regularly discuss where I’d like to go and what skills I’d like to develop. These discussions have always been met with a positive response and it’s not just your line manager who takes an interest here. The Managing Director knows every single person and what their capabilities are. Waterscan will definitely invest in you if they believe in you.

How have your skills developed?

Brilliantly, I was customer facing from the outset, so I was immediately exposed to a variety of commercial sectors. I’ve worked with companies including Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Pizza Hut, Azzurri Group, Arcadia and Elis, and as I’ve progressed, customer contact has become more senior level.

This experience, along with Waterscan’s programme of learning and development equipped me each step of the way. I’ve attended some excellent courses on topics like managing change and innovation, and I’m currently working towards The Institute of Leadership and Management level 3 certification. I’ve become more strategic and better able to manage a demanding workload without compromising on attention to detail and accuracy. I have also very much enjoyed training and mentoring other team members, which has built my delegation and communication skills further.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently transitioning to my new role as Account Manager which is incredibly exciting and a big responsibility.

But I thrive on responsibility and pressure, and I feel confident and know I’m ready for it! Of course I expect challenges, but I have 100% support from my immediate team and the leadership team. Everyone has offered support and advice and I also benefit from being mentored by a highly experienced Account Director. I’m really looking forward to my next step here at Waterscan.

Claire Wilby’s career journey

  • 2018Account Analyst
  • 2020Senior Account Analyst
  • 2020Lead Account Analyst
  • 2022Account Manager

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