Water disclosure

Showcase your positive
environmental impacts

Disclosure is an essential element of addressing water risk and security. Whether you want to communicate about your efforts, meet stakeholder expectations or achieve independent recognition, transparency is a pre-requisite to effective water stewardship. 

As the only UK partner of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for Water Strategy, Waterscan has the tools, experience, and expertise to prepare your business for water reporting and submissions to a range of disclosure schemes. 

How we can help

ESG transparency

Ensure that you’re compliant and prepared for all future legislation that may impact your business, plus obtain a deeper understanding of your business water usage through water footprinting, risk assessments and catchment management plans. This will lead to long-term strategies that improve your water performance year on year and create greater public awareness of your water efficiency work.

Complete consideration

With disclosure, there is equal importance placed on water across withdrawals, discharge, supply chain usage, consumption and cost, meaning that you will have clear visibility on all aspects of water.

Sustainability leader

Thousands of organisations disclose their carbon footprint, but many do not extend their reporting to cover water due to its complexity. We give you the specialised, unique data set required to disclose on water. There are more variables to consider including location, seasonality, and population dynamics.

Delivering your water priorities

Environmental leadership

 Protecting water resources and
demonstrating best practice.

Stakeholder accountability

Creating a positive perception in the eyes
of consumers, communities and investors.


Compliance with government legislation
and voluntary NGO schemes. 

Improved performance

Reduced water consumption through
meaningful insight, disclosure feedback
scores and collaboration.

What we’ve helped clients achieve

Reaching the ‘A list’

Improvements in water scarcity disclosure scores, consistently above B and reaching the ‘A list’.

Clear strategic direction

And identify areas to focus improvements.

Visibility on water

All encompassing approach with clear
visibility on all aspects of water.

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