Water matters: Insights for the UK’s manufacturing sector

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In just twenty years from now, water demand is predicted to exceed water availability.

At this tipping point, when water scarcity impacts our daily lives, it will be too late, far too late; especially for manufacturers, who rely on secure, consistent water supplies and effective, compliant effluent management to function.

How long could you operate without water? The chances are, you’ve got 30 minutes before your production lines and your staff start grinding to a halt. A day and you’re in crisis management mode. A week, customer confidence and financial targets are impacted, and corporate reputation is at stake. Water is a critical asset.

Read the report to discover how to futureproof your operations and become more resilient to the impacts of climate change.

In ten minutes, you’ll learn:

  • Why water is the invisible risk in many manufacturing businesses
  • How Coca-Cola European Partners, Hanson and Kellogg’s are managing this risk
  • How to guard against downtime as a result of a water event
  • What peer group leadership on water looks like
  • How companies can reduce water-related risks in 10 steps

Water is critical to society and your business. It creates growth and prosperity. It’s time to make water work for you. 

Download the report below to get proactive on water.

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