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Water Supply Procurement

Utilising expertise and knowledge to secure the best water supply contracts

Negotiating price and demanding better service is a basic right of consumers; a right that hasn’t historically been available to water users. However, since the Scottish water market opened in 2008 and new legislation was introduced into the Water Act in 2014, this is now available for commercial water users across England.

The Waterscan Water Supply Procurement service utilises our knowledge of water company charging structures, the new legislation and our considerable expertise to ensure you avoid unnecessary costs and select the right water retailer to optimise service levels and best value for your portfolio.


  • Cleansing of portfolio prior to switching supplier

  • Well informed independent choice to maximise cost reduction

  • Assessment of offer against real billing practices for a true reflection of value

  • Hassle-free managed transition

  • Auditable trail and offer transparency

  • Experienced procurement management with successful track record

  • Improved payment terms

  • Consolidated billing to reduce resource requirements

Tender service

Our tender service provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the new market opportunities, presenting both risks and benefits. Our assessment corroborates offers against historical charging mechanisms to confirm validity, delivers a cleansed portfolio and independent analysis which enables you to make fully informed purchasing decisions.

The whole process is completed in a matter of weeks but can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your business. Our success in this area since market opening in Scotland has resulted in significant savings and improved supplier engagement for our clients.

the waterscan water supply procurement service includes

  • Tender preparation based on your bespoke key criteria

  • Collation of responses to initial Requests for Information (RFI)

  • Compilation of a shortlist and issuing of Requests for Quotation (RFQ)

  • Detailed analysis of RFQ tender documentation

  • Independent assessment with a scoring mechanism tailored to your personal criteria

  • Key stakeholder meetings to review tender results and present independent analysis

  • Attendance at water supplier presentations

  • Contract review and transition assistance


Complete control over water consumption and cost with a self-supply licence

The opening of the UK’s water retail market in April 2017 gives non-household customers more choice over where and how they source their water, and most importantly the ability to supply themselves.

The Waterscan Self-Supply service is designed to provide you with complete control of water consumption and cost by dealing directly with wholesalers to achieve a greater saving, an enhanced service above that of national retailers, ensure accuracy in billing and give you the opportunity to influence the market. Waterscan will navigate the complexities of the market for you; support you in achieving and maintaining your licence and deliver comprehensive management of the administration of self-supplying water to your business.

Uniquely, with direct access to market data combined with our extensive water management experience, Waterscan is able to build a robust, tailored and evidence-based strategy. This transparency creates real efficiencies to drive down operational costs, achieve corporate social responsibility goals while creating further opportunities for investment in infrastructure and sustainability initiatives.


  • Complete control of water cost and consumption

  • Reduction in direct costs for water and wastewater services, plus administrative savings

  • Enhanced service delivery to drive efficiencies

  • Access to central market database (CMOS) to ensure accurate billing

  • Voting rights as a market participant, allowing you to directly influence the market

  • Direct relationships with wholesalers for quicker issue rectification

  • Hassle-free managed licence application and maintenance

  • Consolidated billing (including sites not eligible for self-supply in Wales and Northern Ireland)

Self-Supply Service

This service is delivered through two stages, the first of which is to obtain your self-supply licence. Utilising our experience and approved systems, Waterscan will deliver all the licence application requirements on your behalf, working with you to understand and compile the necessary information to achieve success.

Once successful, Waterscan will represent you in market transactions and act as a managing agent to ensure licence compliance and deliver all the services a retailer would and more. Our existing Waterline© software system will be used to supply, receive and, most importantly, validate billing and settlement data; monitor and resolve emergencies and wholesaler issues; and inform the market dataset to reflect reality on the ground – all without taking a margin.

Ultimately, obtaining a self-supply licence puts you in control, enables Waterscan to deal directly with wholesalers for you, provides immediate benefit from market changes and delivers a combination of administrative and efficiency savings for you.

The Waterscan self-supply service includes

  • Compilation and submission of all relevant licence application forms on your behalf

  • Management of the application process with MOSL and Ofwat

  • Accurate data management on Central Market Operating System (CMOS)

  • Meter reading and reporting frequency defined by you

  • Utilisation of industry approved systems to ensure compliance

  • Guidance, training and support to successfully be awarded a licence

  • Full MI – providing complete transparency and effective management of costs and consumption

  • Direct access to wholesalers and market players