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The Open Water Market: Think before you dive in

From April 2017, commercial and other non-residential water users in England have the opportunity to choose where to buy water and wastewater services from.

This freedom of choice is most welcome but, with choice, comes complexity. With multiple service providers and procurement routes available, careful consideration of the options is a prerequisite for making the most of the open market opportunity and optimising service levels and best value for your organisation.

Claire Yeates, Director at Waterscan commented: “We understand that, because businesses in England have not had to concern themselves with water supply before, diving into a whole new area can be daunting. All organisations will have their own approach. Many will wish to buy and manage their own water and waste water supply internally having robust procurement processes and procedures in place. Some will take a proactive approach and leap head-first into the pioneering concept of self-supply or seek support by outsourcing water procurement. Many more however will take the potentially costly route of taking no action because water isn’t currently seen as an organisational priority. Whatever your start point, experience demonstrates the need for a strategic, well informed approach. This is why there’s now a variety of services to support organisations in optimising the benefits and opportunities that the open water market offers.”

So, which is the right option for your business? Here’s our guide to navigating the water market.

Option 1: In-house Procurement

Option 2: Outsourced Water Procurement 

Option 3: Self-Supply

For more specific guidance on how your organisation can make the most of the open water market, email info@waterscan.com or visit www.waterscan.com.